Minecraft is one of the most famous modern video games. It is loved by millions of players worldwide, and there is no wonder why Minecraft-inspired video games are also in demand. The original game is developed in the sandbox genre where players can shape their environment as they like and build anything they want. In addition, there is an element of exploration, as well as fighting mobs and other players. While the classic game is multifaceted, many players like certain aspects of it. This is why Minecraft-inspired games exist, which focus only on certain gameplay or improve on certain elements of the game. Overall, there are numerous Minecraft browser games online, and all players will discover cool titles to play.

Many gamers love Minecraft so much that they want to play Minecraft-themed titles in other genres. Among browser video games, you can discover all kinds of genres to pick from.

Here are some of the Minecraft game types available in the catalog:

  • Building – of course, building is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Minecraft. Many players love building all kinds of structures but dislike distractions from dangerous mobs. If you mostly enjoy building instead of fighting, you can find fitting games for yourself.
  • Runner – runner video games are popular because of their simple gameplay. They only require players to swipe left and right to avoid obstacles and collect items while they run. The running is infinite, and you can only move your character from side to side for the most part. There are Minecraft-themed runners with characters resembling skins from the game.
  • Shooter – while there are only swords and axes in Minecraft, many players that like combat mechanics have at least once imagined Minecraft with guns. There are browser games that turn this video game into a shooter, and you can fight the same mobs using firearms.
  • Platformer – platforming is a huge part of Minecraft, and gamers often build their courses in the game. However, now, you can play Minecraft games fully dedicated to platforming with intricate levels and engaging gameplay. Platforming requires a lot of skill, and you can improve if you play over and over again.
  • Multiplayer – games of different genres can include multiplayer, but with Minecraft and similar titles, it is essential. One of the best parts about this game is the ability to play with your friends and other virtual players. Whether you defend against mobs together or participate in a battle royale, it is going to be a lot of fun.
  • Arcade – everybody loves to play a fun arcade game from time to time. Minecraft with its blocky pixel style is a great canvas for creating classic arcade video games. They are easy to play and repetitive, which is great for killing time and relaxing.

Minecraft video games are so popular and loved that there are tons of similar titles available online. If you like this game to begin with, you will discover numerous options in different genres to try out. Despite these games being so different, they all come together thanks to the Minecraft characters and mechanics.