Recently, the crafting system has become an integral part of almost every game. Crafting is a gameplay mechanic that allows players to create items from various resources. As a rule, in games where there is a crafting mechanic, there is also a gathering of resources or buildings. Thanks to it, the main character can create new equipment and items with his own hands, collecting all sorts of garbage for this, disassembling existing things, and putting it all on the desktop. Usually, crafting is present in open-world games, where the hero can decide for himself whether to take a certain thing with him or not.

So-called crafting games are not only fun entertainment but also an opportunity to show your creative abilities and logical thinking and develop imagination and the ability to think tactically and strategically. After all, you need to understand what kind of resources will be in demand to achieve the goal, start mining these very resources, and then show diligence and diligence in the production itself. A striking example is some of the professions that a character can learn. Among them, you can often find herbalism, tailoring, blacksmithing, and others. Often, to create an item, you need to collect several rare resources. At the same time, the rarer the resource, the more valuable the created item. Craft in games, depending on the genre, is possible, for example:

  • Weapon;
  • Character equipment;
  • Powerful tools;
  • Resources for construction;
  • Tools for extracting new resources.

The mechanic is suitable for many genres, but most often, crafting is given a lot of attention in survival simulators. In some games, craft takes up a significant part of the game time, while in others, it can only play an auxiliary role. In games of the Craft category, it is important to be able to quickly find the required resources to create vital items. This is the main task of games in the Craft genre. So, if you've always loved exploring the world, building houses, and creating items, you should play them.

Any Craft game is almost always a test of survival. In this case, the main task is to survive as long as possible in a harsh world, most often, for a while or in a noble competition with other real players. It may seem to an inexperienced person that such a game quickly gets boring, but in fact, crafting mechanics are so exciting that people play for hours, building amazing buildings and surviving for days in unrealistic conditions. These are the games with craft — fascinating and unique.

Crafting games are often taught to find non-standard ways of solving problems and to fully show the need for creativity. Especially if they involve games in the open world and sandboxes. You need to show planning skills and competent expenditure of resources. With the advent of the first computer games, in which serious and complex schemes for crafting items or components began to appear, players got hits that eventually became legends. Many players like to create new things, and therefore, the developers began to add this mechanic to games of different genres. It is not surprising that a separate genre of the Craft game has even appeared, in which the user can concentrate on extracting resources and creating items from them.