In the Incremental Games category, gameplay consists of the player performing simple actions such as tapping the screen again. The player gains in-game currency as a result of this activity, which they can employ to speed up the currency acquisition. Some games play themselves, including while the player is not there, such that eventually, even clicking is not essential. Thus, the user may turn off all concerns when playing games in this category and just take pleasure in the most basic clicker mechanics.

The essence and gameplay of the games are very simple. In an incremental game, the player makes a quick action — typically pushing a button — that grants them money. The player may use the money to buy goods or skills that enable them to make money more quickly or automatically, without having to take any action at all. Offering players means of subsistence in the form of structures, such as industries or farms, is a recurrent topic. These sources speed up the creation of cash, but since higher-level sources typically have exponentially greater costs, moving between levels typically takes the same amount of time or even longer.

Some games use a reset system where the player resets their game progress and receives a different form of currency. The player can go past the last reset by using this new cash to buy global benefits that do not vanish after a reset. Incremental Games are simple to include in daily life and serve to divert attention from common concerns. At the same time, they draw players in by using motifs from more challenging games.

Fantasy, science fiction, and other themes are covered via incremental games, so players won't get bored. When pricey enhancements are made available, a distinct feeling is experienced. However, these pricey upgrades are only made for a short time before being replaced by fresh ones. This results in the player feeling strong and weak at the same time, striving for exponential progress. This is exactly the case when you have to perform the same type of action, and everything will depend on your perseverance, concentration, and a little bit of your analytical mind.

In one of the presented games of the Incremental Games category, you will find yourself in a forest overcrowded with monsters. You must "clean" the present region of many bad spirits to go on to the next level and pass the current one. Clicking on the creature repeatedly will do this. However, you may hire warriors who will immediately fight adversaries in the store. You may, among other things, enhance your army's offensive capabilities, which will ultimately enable you to forego all combat altogether.

Incremental games do not reveal all the mechanics at once, which adds an element of exploration. In most projects, the player does not know how many upgrades can be purchased or if there are limits to the numbers or their growth rate. Constraint exploration is one of the hallmarks of how a player experiences a game. Even if the game seems simple, it often offers huge scope for exploration. Want to progress and enjoy active and passive games at the same time? Then Incremental Games will definitely suit your taste. Choose from the many games in this genre and enjoy the results of your game. The ease of play and progress will surprise you.