It may seem to someone that, apart from the fantasy world, nothing else can be found in the gaming environment. But that's not the case at all. Sometimes, among eared elves, fabulous magicians, and witchers, you can still meet ordinary people.

Perhaps, there is no such boy in the world who would not like to play war games. And if twenty years ago, irreconcilable opponents were armed with toy pistols and homemade slingshots, today, on the Internet space, you can deploy full-scale military operations that amaze with the originality of the plot and the realism of the situation. The fighters and the military are not even aware of the existence of other worlds, secret runes, and magical countries. But they are good at weapons of various calibers and know how to control other military things.

Do you already know what games we are talking about? In military online games, only a select audience knows about them, preferring to play not in fairy tales but in a cruel and merciless war.

On our website, you can find a list of the best military battles and strategies. They will assist you in controlling armies. They are mostly browser games.

In a special section of our site, we have collected the best games of various types and directions. You are expected by different eras and unique types of weapons. You can also try on the role of an experienced military editorial, a fearless samurai, or an astute scout. The most important thing is to consider your tactics, study the enemy's strategy, and boldly defend the oppressed people.

War games are those games where the main theme is all kinds of wars and world conflicts, in which the player can take a direct part either as a soldier or as a commander. Different war games feature completely distinct military conflicts, from the historical periods of the First or Second World Wars to battles in the distant future. The story of each such game revolves around a conflict between several parties, where players represent one of the parties and try to lead it to victory.

Our catalog contains a wide variety of genres of military games. These are exciting adventure games, dynamic action games, realistic shooters, and turn-based strategies. You will conquer cities and countries, enslave planets, fight off enemies, and become the most famous commander of our time!

In popular fighting games, all the action is focused on combat, which takes place in the form of martial arts. Such projects typically feature a sizable cast of characters, each of whom specializes in a different set of special skills or combat techniques. In most traditional offerings, the user has to fight, advancing higher and defeating more and more powerful opponents.

The male half of the population loves fighting more than any other genre. Any boy or man will be delighted with the game where you can enter into victorious battles with one of your favorite characters. After all, there is nothing more thrilling than discovering all the little-known techniques and becoming unstoppable. Playing games in this category can give you a good amount of adrenaline. We provide you with a wide range of the coolest and most interesting games related to this topic. There are a ton of the most diverse characters and the same enemies to be found.

However, do not think that after taking control of another killing machine, you can now go into the field and destroy everyone and everything in your path. Do not forget that your enemies are real people and many of them are stronger than you. Take into account a strategy and decide which of the tanks is more convenient for you to play as each has unique characteristics.

Given the variety of plots, the world's game publishers offer wargames, the plot of which is based on real events of the past, as well as on fictional events. Wargames based on the events of the Second World War, the American Civil War, and other wars are very popular. All games in this direction are based on strategy and precise calculation because there is little room for luck, and winning is entirely dependent on the player's actions and decisions, which are grounded in logic and require strategic skills.

Three types of games are used to categorize all games in the category.

Depending on the method of conducting military operations, they can be:

1. Tactical, depicting one battle or series, using maps.

2. Operational, which consist of several battles. Such wargames can recreate either a series of military operations of a big war or a small war.

3. Strategic. Often, these games are re-creations of huge, large-scale wars, and their duration is quite long.

All options will be interesting, regardless of the type, because each player chooses a game based on personal preferences and interests, as well as the level of professionalism.

Do not forget to seek help from your friends. Without them, victory over the enemy is almost impossible. After each fight, you will earn experience, for which you can improve weapons.