Beat-em-up games are also called brawlers and are gaining popularity once again. Some people might think that they are simply fighting games, but the beat-em-up genre has some differences and unique features that make it stand out from the general fighting video games group. If you like video games packed with action and combat, this is the right genre for you.

When describing beat-em-up video games, it is necessary to cover the unique features that define the genre. Here is what you can expect from these brawler games:

  • Numerous enemies – when thinking about classic fighters, people imagine something like Mortal Combat where you would normally have a single opponent. This is the key difference of beat-em-up titles as they make the player face tons of enemies at the same time or in waves.
  • Often 2D – this is not the crucial requirement, but the majority of classic brawler titles are two-dimensional. This is important for making the contrast between one player and their numerous enemies.
  • Simple gameplay – you will not find elaborate tactics or numerous weapons with unique abilities. While there might be certain weapons, they are usually pretty simple, and all the player needs to do is fight or slash their way through the hordes of enemies.

As video games developed, new sub-genres of beat-em-up games appeared. They are still very much brawlers but have some alterations in their design. Here are a few less classic brawler games that you can discover online:

  • Scrollers – these games take classic two-dimensional brawlers to a slightly higher level. The 2D setting moves as you progress sideways and fight the enemies simultaneously.
  • Slashers – while many beat-em-up games involved fist fighting at first, melee weapons were added soon. In this type of a brawler title players need to literally slash their way through the enemies.
  • Three-dimensional games – of course, most brawlers are still 2D, especially in browsers. However, modern beat-em-up games can be 3D as well. This means that gamers need to reflect enemy attacks from all sides.

Nevertheless, brawler games found in Internet browsers are often more classic and simple. They are usually 2D and offer pure beat-em-up fun. People who love brawler games usually enjoy the quick gameplay and adrenaline that come with beating up countless enemies. This is why it is better to play online without downloading games. This way, you will only need to connect to the Internet, click on the game of your choice, and start playing.

Brawler games can be so different, and trying out different titles would be daunting if you had to install all of them on your device. Luckily, you do not need to do any of that. Here, you can simply open the gaming catalog, pick the "Beat-em-up" category, and choose any of the titles on the list. The games load quickly, and you can start gaming within seconds. Easy controls involve a few buttons on your keyboard, and occasionally, you might need to use your mouse. Such user-friendliness makes browser brawlers accessible for players of any age and even with minimum experience. Even if you find a certain title too difficult for you, you can simply pick another game from the list and start playing immediately.