Dragons are winged fire-breathing lizards, whose names instill fear in all the inhabitants of fairy-tale worlds. These huge, ruthless, and bloodthirsty monsters are clearly not subject to the laws of physics and biology, so they effortlessly destroy entire armies and burn down everything and everyone to the last brick of the city. If you want to become one of them or, conversely, tame an ancient powerful creature, be sure to check out the assortment of the best dragon games that you can play online.

Tame or kill a dragon

Already by the name, it is usually clear that the game will not do without dragons. They can be represented as extremely unfriendly creatures, which greatly annoyed the main character and the entire kingdom.

The world in such games is almost alive: travelers walk along the roads, guards attack bandit camps, mighty lizards fly in the sky, and proud and independent warriors run into all passers-by until they recognize their coolness and independence.

In this case, you will have to go on a long journey to find and punish the dragon, and your partners will help you with this. Together with them, you will have to clear a lot of intricate locations inhabited by dark creatures, and the strongest of them will have quite powerful abilities. Such enemies can no longer be plugged easily. Here, you will need to look for vulnerabilities, sometimes go from the back, jump from above, etc. No matter how huge the beast is, you can saddle it and chop it into pieces in the process.

A separate pleasure is to witness a dragon raid on a city or village. The winged beast sits down on the roofs with noise, then plows a fresh furrow with its belly, and bites a careless guard. Of course, no matter how the houses sag under the weight of the reptile, not a single one will be destroyed, and not a single important character will burn out in the fiery breath that fills the streets.

In addition, you will have randomly generated quests to destroy a variety of evil spirits. Although your hero will be a born killer of winged monsters, it is not at all surprising that he easily deals with the most powerful dragons, giants, and other opponents.

Become a dragon

Everyone knows that dragons love treasure. Therefore, there is another option of gameplay with dragons that are created in the same classic 3D platformer, where players play the role of a dragon running through levels, jumping on platforms, and collecting various kinds of gems.

A variety of enemies will prevent the hero from achieving his goals, which can be butted, pushed, and fired with dragon flame. A few hours of platforming are unlikely to get bored by players because, from time to time, it is replaced by other activities such as hockey, riding a kind of skateboard analog, boss battles, and even scuba diving.

Moreover, there are online games where you turn yourself into a dragon and become a frown monster that receives his tasks and needs to complete them. In addition, this fascinating gameplay is popular among gamers.

Unfortunately, there are not so many games specifically dedicated to dragons. These creatures are usually introduced into typical fantasy universes as side characters, enemies, and rarely-seen bosses. But still, you can find out a few more highly rated projects of a similar theme.