Dinosaurs are often used in media because so many people enjoy all kinds of content related to these enormous beasts. One of the best things about dinosaurs is that science believes they really existed. This adds another layer to any dinosaur-related content as there is a possibility that they might exist somewhere even now or can be brought back to life. Fantasy creatures are one thing, but the fact that dinosaurs were real makes them even more interesting and exciting for everyone. This is why so many video games since the first titles that were ever created featured dinosaurs. In addition, there are no restrictions when it comes to the genre of dinosaur video games. Any type of game can be focused on a prehistoric theme or include dinosaurs in some form. This way, all players can discover the best games they will enjoy.

There are many action video games with intricate plots and stunning graphics. Such games can only run on powerful PCs or the latest consoles. However, there is a huge selection of video games that can be played in a browser as well.

Here are some dinosaur game types that every user can play on the Internet:

  • Shooter – shooter video games are some of the most demanded at all times. There is a variety of shooters with a dinosaur theme. You either play in a prehistoric setting and need to shoot down the huge beasts, or there is some kind of disaster when dinosaurs appear in the modern world and you need to save yourself.
  • Platformer – if you want to play something less realistic and violent, there is a great chance to try dino platformers. Platformer games are usually not very hectic, but you need to move through the levels precisely in order not to fall down or get into a trap. Hopping on platforms and finding the right path is necessary if you want to clear the level. In such games, you might play as a cute dinosaur collecting food and finding the end of the level.
  • Driving – there are many car games that are not actually racing titles. Many gamers enjoy playing games where they need to drive around for the sake of driving or reaching a certain destination. There are a few very specific truck simulators, such as the ones where you need to transport dinos. If you like dinosaurs and driving simulators, you will definitely enjoy these games.
  • Arcade – classic arcade games are always fun to play. Everyone knows this dinosaur mini-game that appears in the browser when there is no Internet connection. There are actually more takes on this game that you can play online. If you want to get festive, there is a Christmas-themed dinosaur run mini-game for you.
  • Jigsaws – who does not love a good jigsaw? You can find dinosaur-themed jigsaws online and piece them together.

Dinosaurs are loved by children and grownups alike. There is a huge variety of dino video games for all age groups. With a decent selection of genres, all gamers will easily find fun and well-designed titles to try. As all of the games can be played for free, there is no limit to trying all the titles on the list.