2D games are classics of the gaming world. Projects with a "flat" picture have remained consistently popular for many years. Even the emergence of innovative developments with 3D graphics did not affect the demand among gamers of all categories.

What is the secret of this phenomenon? How many varieties of 2D online games are there? Let's try to find out!

What are 2D games?

2D game projects are games with flat graphics that lack 3D geometry. Their graphic elements look flat on the screens, and the camera has no perspective. In contrast, 3D games have a three-dimensional space with textures and materials drawn on the surface of objects. All components of 3D projects are developed in perspective and increase in size as the camera zooms in.

2D games are characterized by flat linear motion. As the main character moves, the parameters of the entire screen also change. Regardless of the direction of movement, the ultimate goal of the character is a certain point. In projects with 3D graphics, the protagonists additionally interact with depth. This allows them to move freely in space without any restrictions.

The indisputable advantages of 2D games are a clear concept and simple character control. Such projects can be quickly downloaded to a personal computer or played online without unnecessary pauses. In addition, two-dimensional developments are divided into many genres in which every gamer will find an interesting game for themselves.

Genres of 2D online games

One of the most popular genres of 2D games is platform games. Their mechanics are fully consistent with the possibilities of projects with flat graphics. As a rule, in platform games, the main task of the protagonists is to move from point A to point B. All that is needed for this is to walk, run, or jump in two planes. Among the 2D online games, many platformers will be of interest to both adults and children.

Puzzles in 2D format are also familiar to every gamer. There are many types of flat logic games in which you need to move blocks, clear lines, solve crossword puzzles, etc. Such projects will perfectly complement the evening after a hard day and help you relax while slowly completing tasks.

It is impossible not to recall traditional 2D fighting games. There is nothing superfluous in such games — only the main character, the enemy, and the arena in which to meet him. Thanks to attentiveness and reaction speed, a gamer can turn ordinary running and jumping into spectacular tricks that will help them win.

For gamers who want to get a dose of adrenaline, the developers have prepared 2D shooters, racing, and adventures. There is a place for a thirst for speed, insidious opponents, ingenious traps, and other tests.

Strategies occupy a separate place in this category of games. They differ in storylines but have a common goal: to lead the protagonist or his team to victory with the help of consistent actions. Depending on the preferences of the gamer, the focus of the project may be a fantasy world, a clinic, or a pizzeria.

These are far from all the genres that are found in the 2D category. Choose the project that you like and enjoy every moment spent in a simple and dynamic game universe!