Owing to their usefulness and simplicity, 2048 games have recently become tremendously popular among people of all ages. They will help you develop strategic thinking and cleverness, which is very useful in your daily life. The very first version of the 2048 game was developed in just 2 days. This was done by Gabriele Cirulli, a 19-year-old programmer, as part of a programming competition. Its author did not even think that his game would gain such popularity in the gaming industry and refused to develop 2048 further. Currently, the game code is open and posted on the developer's page in Github.

However, that hasn't stopped gaming enthusiasts from doing it instead of Gabriele Cirulli. The first 2048 game was officially launched in March 2014. Since that time, hundreds of new and exciting puzzles like 2048 have been developed.

For all the time of its existence, 2048 games have gained dozens of clones and different variations of gameplay. On this page, you will be able to select from the trendiest variants of 2048 games. We are sure that this type of game will undoubtedly please everyone, no matter what age category you are in. All 2048 games can be played in full screen and also downloaded to your computer for free. Various types of these games will not only help to get real excitement from winning but also develop spatial imagination and planning skills.

Generally, 2048 is a classic puzzle game. You need to match the numbers so that you get to cell 2048 as soon as possible. If you like matching games and puzzles, you will definitely love these games. During the process of the game, the player needs to swipe the smartphone screen down, right, left, or up to move the cells with numbers around the field. The same can be done with the mouse if you play on a PC. When two cells with the same number touch, they merge into one, and the original number doubles. The numbers in the cells increase from 2 to 4, then to 8, 16, and so on until 2048. New cells appear on the field after each move, starting with cells with numbers two and four. The final goal of the player is to match enough numbers to get to cell 2048 and win. According to the game rules, if you lose after the next move, it is impossible to take any action.

It may seem that this game is not difficult at all. However, you are mistaken. Thousands of players worldwide spend hours, days, and even weeks playing this game, trying to knock out the right number. But after the victory, the puzzle is not over yet. You should keep setting records and competing with your friends. There are cases when super smart players can reach cells 4096 and 8192. Mathematicians calculated that the maximum number of points you can score with the best result of the game is 3,932,100.

That is why this game can be played at almost any age. Professional players recommend playing without trying to achieve results first to understand the principle of the 2048 game and master its rules. Overall, 2048 games are great for training memory, perseverance, patience, reaction, logical thinking, and attention.

So that you can fully enjoy them, Game Karma tried to collect for you the largest assortment of 2048 games. Don't waste your time any longer. Start playing right now for free. The legendary puzzle will not let you get bored even for a minute. However, do not forget that victory cannot be achieved by the mind alone. To win in each round, you will also need some luck. Hence, check how lucky you are and have fun in your free time by yourself or in the company of friends and relatives. You can reach 2048 quicker if playing together.