Match 3 is a puzzle where the player has to find three identical tiles on the playing field and match them so that they disappear and new ones appear. The first Match-3 Games appeared back in the 1980s. They were in Tetris and Chain Shot. The next rise of this genre happened with the advent of the Internet and the development of online gaming platforms. Thanks to this, on our site you can choose any of the ten most interesting activities in the Match-3 Games genre.

What are Match-3 Games?

These games are like chips: they seem too simple to get excited about. However, they are fascinating and complex enough to hold the player's attention. They can be supplemented with various quests or plot twists, thanks to which the game is not dull or banal.

Tiles with objects of different colors are swapped until three identical objects emerge from the chaos and disappear. Each combo earns the player points. Some levels have a limit on the number of moves or time. The player has to figure out how best to combine tiles to cope with the task.

The simplest examples are bubbles of different colors, but there can also be diamonds, candies, and other things. Sometimes, you need to collect a combo near a certain corner of the screen to free prisoners, thaw the ice, or get additional resources — it all depends on the imagination of the game maker. Some levels get difficult with restrictions and additional requirements. That is why Match-3 Games do not bore players despite their visual simplicity.

Variations in Match-3 Games

To make the gameplay as rich as possible, classic rules are combined with additional ones. For example, at the intersection of Match-3 Games and shooters, a new game mechanic appears. Thanks to this, in addition to attentiveness, the player develops even more qualities:

  • Coordination of movements;
  • Logic;
  • Precision;
  • Speed.

Sometimes, Match-3 Games are successfully integrated into more complex online games and become levels for fun and relaxation.

Concept and features

If you look at all the successful online games of the Match-3 Game category, you can trace certain patterns:

  • The rules are as clear as possible. They are the same for almost everyone, but the developers are trying to diversify the mechanics of the game to make it as interesting as possible.
  • The goal should be pleasant and positive — these are the games that become popular and are liked by players of all ages.
  • Figures should be clear so that they are easy to recognize when making combinations.
  • All Match-3 Games are free copies. In some places, developers add the option of receiving bonuses for viewing ads. In this way, you can get additional moves or the opportunity to “burn” a column or row of figures.

At the same time, the game must be based on a certain idea or a certain plot to keep players involved in the process. Developers are not limited to creating stories and plots around Match-3 Game, so the gameplay is almost always fascinating and not the same in different games, despite similar mechanics. These games relax as much as possible, distract from routine tasks, and you can forget about time because the minutes melt imperceptibly.

What is the secret to the success of the Match-3 Games category?

People love puzzles that are easy to solve but, at the same time, require effort. Moreover, puzzles are a fun and engaging activity that appeals even to those people who do not like to indulge in the sweet rules of modern video games. An online game gives exactly those sensations that are not enough to distract a person from the routine.

The success of the Match-3 Games category has several more reasons:

  • Wide audience. Puzzles appeal to players of any age or gender. It is a game for the whole family.
  • It works perfectly on any device. Modern video games are often associated with high technical requirements, but not Match-3 Games. Online puzzles run even on mobile devices.
  • Development of cognitive skills. The game teaches you to solve problems and cope with difficulties, invent new strategies, and understand significant principles that help you overcome level after level.

After all, it's just fun, especially when a chain reaction occurs and more and more matches appear on the playing field. So, when you have a free moment and don't mind spending it playing a fun online game, come to Game Karma — the best puzzles for fun time are waiting for you.