Mankind has long dreamed of making contact with alien civilizations, conquering distant planets, and finding other places inhabited by people in the vast expanses of space. If our ancestors had computer games, they would certainly be the most popular among all preceding generations.

Space Games Theme: From Fantasy to Reality

The desire of people to explore outer space is gradually being realized, but in computer games, you can instantly get results that humanity will receive much later. The theme of space games is incredibly wide: this is a clash with space pirates, diplomacy with alien civilizations, the arrangement of your planet somewhere in deep space, and much more.

In addition, there have been many educational games about space that are based not on fantasy space but on real constellations, planets, and other objects. By playing these games, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about space that inspires the imagination of an earthling.

Intergalactic space opens up endless scope for the imagination of developers. If all the nooks and crannies on planet Earth have been explored, you will not be able to convince players that between Europe and America, there is another mysterious continent inhabited by unknown tribes. And concerning space, anything is possible. This means that players and developers are building uncharted worlds together, fully trusting each other.

Wide Variety of Genres in Space Games

There is practically no such genre that would not use space stories for its development and promotion.

  • Shooters. Space colonization is not an easy task as travelers are confronted by mysterious aliens with talents unknown to man. Anyone who has sufficient skills and a strong desire to achieve their goal can defeat them in the fight.
  • Strategies. The creation of an intergalactic empire may seem like too much of a challenge for a weak civilization. First, try to develop yours to the level that you can easily launch spaceships to nearby and distant galaxies. Then, you will be able to find a common language with other star systems and convince them to join your efforts. Having built an alliance that no one can resist, you will boldly begin to subordinate more and more new spaces to your rules of life.
  • Puzzle. The cosmos is too big to set off blindly without knowing the final destination. But if the player is quick-witted and manages to solve all the proposed riddles and complete all the tasks, he will find the right way. Among the many planets, he will get exactly to the one where he can set up a new space camp for humanity.
  • Simulators. Until space is developed to such an extent that interplanetary and intergalactic ships will run in dense traffic, be prepared for loneliness in interstellar space. If you're sure you can handle years in isolation or with just a couple of companions, try a space simulator. You will see and feel what real astronauts experience when they decide to defy gravity and go into unpredictable and alluring outer space.

Our section on space games is one of the most visited and exciting. We collected games that will allow you to relax and think about the eternal questions that concern everyone who turns their eyes to distant stars.

These games will be interesting for both children and adults. Regardless of age, the dream of a miracle and the conquest of distant spaces forever remain with a person. Beautiful space games allow you to implement this dream in virtual space in anticipation of that time when a ticket for an intergalactic bus can be easily bought at the nearest stop.