Even if aliens do not exist on other planets, there is always a place for them in online games. We have collected here the best options about space and aliens in this section because kids and adults adore space adventures equally. Battle strategies, shooters, jumping games, adventures, and impressive quests are waiting for you.

Aliens: Friends and enemies

The collection of games about aliens is extremely diverse. Aliens can be friendly or hostile to people, so you will have to act depending on the situation. The most common genre of games about aliens is shooters and combat strategies, where you have to defend or fight until the last second of the timer.

In combat strategies, you can play on the side of good aliens and help them win in space confrontations. Sometimes, the inhabitants of other planets are not against conquering the Earth. In this case, you will have to defend the entire planet to give it a chance for a happy future.

However, not all newcomers are ready for a fight. You can make friends with cute and funny creatures that live on other planets or even in other galaxies. They will even allow you to control them while they collect resources or race through difficult routes, overcoming obstacles. Help them cope with their tasks to go to the next level of the online game. As a sign of gratitude, they will introduce you to interesting space locations and show you some things that even researchers do not know about. If you're lucky, you can even get on a spaceship and see how UFOs are arranged from the inside. You won't be told this in astrophysics classes, but on Game Karma, you can enjoy the process to the fullest.

Features of games about aliens

This category presents projects that are united only by the presence of aliens in the main role. These characters can look completely different, and the mechanics and tasks of each game are also different.

But the main feature of games about aliens is that you will be able to:

  • Travel in space;
  • Use extraterrestrial technologies;
  • Enjoy crazy adventures;
  • Participate in fun or intense quests;
  • Meet strange creatures and much more.

Some games are as realistic as possible: they have flawless graphics and physics, lots of controls, and action-packed storylines. Here, you will also find simple online games with a minimalist design, elementary constructions, and rules. This is a perfect option to forget about daily worries and stress and just enjoy the gameplay. Choose your game depending on your mood and wishes. The Game Karma collection has options for different moods and tastes.

Play for or against aliens, on Earth or any other planet, travel between the stars, and immerse yourself in fantastic adventures. It is something that is fun at any age: play alone, with friends, colleagues, or children. Build your space team and become a real hero!

All online games in the collection are free and do not require downloading. They work well on any device, so you can play anywhere, anytime. Get your dose of inspiration, fun, and a good mood with the Game Karma online platform. Sometimes, a little number of endorphins can save your day, so allow yourself to relax and spend your free time in the way you like.