Modern scientists regularly surprise the world with their developments. For many years, fiction writers have written about flying cars, but only now can you race a car equipped with stabilizers and controllers. Move at ultra-high speeds along the airways, overcoming difficult routes alone or with a friend. Be agile and dodge flying blades and projectiles that are trying to get you. Push to overcome all obstacles and complete the journey with victory.

Here, you will find exciting games in which you need to get behind the wheel of a flying car and get to the finish line without falling. Speed up and slow down, overcome obstacles, jump over open areas, and you will succeed.

Meet the new cars with powerful engines and improved features, as well as the updated tracks. You're looking forward to multi-level competitions in which you can compete in pairs or alone in the dexterity of driving through the air. Just because cars can fly doesn't mean they can't be hindered. They will be even more numerous in the air than on the ground. Saws, axes, swinging sledgehammers, nails leaping from the ground, and electric traps are all used to delay and prevent you from crossing the finish line. Extend your wings and fly away so that nothing can stop you.

If you can't wait to look into the future, you will find a lot of interesting content in our section of online games about flying autos. We have long awaited the development of flying cars. You have a chance to drive the first prototypes of such autos. Get behind the wheel and take off. Your task is to carefully monitor the situation and not crash anywhere.

In our "Flying Cars" section, even fans of spy adventures will be able to enjoy extreme car flights. The experimental auto easily turns into a plane. It was designed specifically for secret agents. Launch the game and feel like a special agent on a secret mission, who deftly controls flying transport. Click the winged icon on the right to start flying an average car through the air. Here, each new level involves a new task, so the agent has no time to rest. Make every effort to finish all the missions in your race car.

Get ready to perform extreme stunts and become a professional racer. Indulge in intense chases and extreme drifting.

The great thing about cars is their ability to fly. What? Are you saying they can't fly? Nonsense. Our flying auto games will prove how much fun it is to take off above the ground while sitting behind the wheel of a car. We have collected the best free games from this category. They can be played without downloading and registering.

These futuristic games with retro designs and hovercars feature vehicles taking to the skies to entertain players around the world. Use your boosters strategically and collide with your opponents at full speed to win.

You can play a lot of fascinating races with your friend. Select new vehicles and engage in track combat. The cars look so futuristic that you might wrongly think you're in the future. You can test out the extremely distinctive cars on a different course. Additionally, there are numerous new traps that one of you will undoubtedly fall into. Reaching the finish line without veering off the path is the key objective.

If this seems too difficult for you, choose a game where cars are equipped with all kinds of weapons. Shots, chases, and much more awaits you in these cool games!

We provide boys with the ability to play online in racing and shooting games while giving girls the chance to engage in dress-up and makeup games. Instead of flooding the website with free games, we exclusively pick the top amusement for two and one players.