The police profession is noble and full of dangers and adventures. Their work inspires game developers to a huge number of exciting stories. It seems that you can unravel intricate criminal plots endlessly. As long as there are criminals who are ready to break the law for their selfish purposes, they will be confronted by brave police officers. They are ready to help at any moment, and therefore, their life is full of unpredictability and sharp twists.

Police games are as dynamic as their life. However, not only the sharpness of the plot and the noble characters are the main magnets of the games about the police. In such games, there is often a mystery that should be solved to detect and neutralize criminals.

For your playable character to become invulnerable, it must be developed. Criminals are insidious, and any outwardly unsuspicious passer-by can instantly take out a weapon and start shooting. First of all, he tries to hit the policemen because it is they who pose the greatest threat to criminals. Therefore, the ability to distinguish is one of the most important for police officers. The further you advance in the game, the more skills and talents your hero will have. At some point, he can even become a superhero and turn into a living virtual legend.

If you like the most dynamic games in which only the speed of reaction decides the fate of your character, choose games about the police with chases and the pursuit of criminals. Such shooting games will give additional energy and self-confidence. They are often combined with driving or racing games because the car is the best policeman's tool, which becomes critical in extreme situations. Sometimes, the roles change, and the policeman has to get away from the chase. In such situations, the skills of extreme car driving will be vitally required.

Police games are very fun to play with friends or other users. In this case, you will be a brave police team fighting crime in the city or elsewhere in the world or even on other planets. You will help each other and develop incredible sorties intruding into the camp of the enemy, knowing that your friends will always pull you out of there. And if you want to compete with each other, distribute the roles so that someone plays the police and someone plays the criminals. Such games are also characterized by increased dynamics because you will be confronted not by a machine with its algorithms but by a living person with their unique logic.

In this section, we have collected the best games about the life of policemen:

  • Races where you can compete against reckless criminals;
  • Street patrol simulators for various vehicles: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and even horses;
  • Counter-terrorist activities in which it is necessary to neutralize dangerous terrorists who have taken hostages or are about to do so;
  • Strategies in which you will manage the police station or even be responsible for the security of the entire city;
  • And many more intriguing plots from the life of the police.

New technologies give new challenges, and with them, the plots of police games are changing. We keep a close eye on all the new products in this sub-genre and instantly deliver the best of them to our users.