With video games, just like with any other form of media, there are numerous popular themes going on. One of the most intriguing and engaging topics for a video game is a title set in prison or another similar facility. This is not a separate genre in video gaming but rather a setting. Prison games can differ in their styles, genres, and objectives. Nevertheless, the idea of a prison-themed video game remains relevant through the years because this is one of the most fascinating topics in media, and developers continue reimagining this topic in unique and engaging ways.

When it comes to the type of prison video games, there can be multiple engaging genres. Here are some of the titles you might enjoy in this setting:

  • Escape room – the genre of escape room video games can be very diverse in its settings. There can be classic escape rooms like in real life, various mansions and castles, and prisons too. The whole idea of a real-life prison is to create a facility that you cannot break out from. This way, you can try your best and escape from prison in a video game.
  • Tycoon – these games are insanely popular among most gamers because it is so satisfying to build your empire from scratch. Most classic tycoon games are set in amusement parks, zoos, restaurants, etc. However, there are also prison tycoon titles where you can build your prison or expand on an existing one and control everything and everyone.
  • Action-adventure – gaming development continues evolving, and modern action-adventure games are often indistinguishable from high-quality movies. These cinematic titles look so real that you cannot help but immerse in the game. Such games also have prison-break elements, but they are more plot-oriented.
  • Cooperation – coop video games can be played with one or more friends online. These titles are designed in a way that requires at least two players to solve puzzles or fight with enemies.

Of course, online video games are rarely as cinematic and demanding as console titles. However, this is the beauty of browser prison games. They are simple and very accessible. Online prison escape titles are extremely fun and can engage you for hours. Such games will be great for people who love puzzle solving but not overly difficult tasks. Here are some of the main benefits of browser-based prison games:

  • Simple design – all of these games are very simple but still unique. If you like playing games in different styles apart from overly realistic modern titles, you will love this simplicity.
  • Easy gameplay – browser games are always very casual, and everyone should be able to enjoy them. Whether you want to find a game for your child to play on the Internet for free or you are not experienced with games at all, you should be set.
  • No downloading – the beauty of online games is that you do not have to install them. Just pick a game on the site and start playing it right away.

In addition, there is always an amazing variety of games. Installing a title on your computer requires commitment, but with online games, you can try dozens of different titles every single day.