Would you like to have a real operation? To become first-class surgeons, young men and women study at institutes for a long time, undergo a bunch of practices and internships, and only then are they allowed to operate on living patients. For those who are not ready for long-term training, there are Surgery Games. Turn on the games, and you will instantly have a scalpel in your hands, and a person who urgently needs help will lie on the table. It's better not to joke with surgery; one wrong move and the ward is dead. This is the main reason surgery is studied for so long — you don't want people to die, especially through the fault of a doctor. Surgery Games are arcade games where you can play while doing various procedures: transplanting organs, treating teeth, and performing plastic surgeries.

Surgeons are medical professionals who operate on patients in hospitals, saving their lives in the process. Have you ever considered entering such a field of work? You are fortunate beyond measure. You have been hired as a surgeon at the best hospital in the city. Now, human lives will depend on you. You will help sick people by performing various types of surgeries. Are you ready to take on this responsibility? If that is the case, then hurry to the hospital — a lot of patients in Surgery Games are already waiting for you. The patient urgently needs to be taken to the operating room to start the operation as soon as possible. All patients will have more serious illnesses and injuries that you, as an experienced surgeon, must heal. Read the hints carefully to know what to do next.

Such games can be recommended to both adults and children. Adults can pretty tickle their nerves, and children can learn the basics of medicine and anatomy. You can learn how to save lives by carrying out very complex and difficult operations in a playful way. Patients will be very grateful to you and, undoubtedly, will call meeting with you a gift of fate.

Doctor surgeon games offer different situations when a scalpel intervention is required, and you will see offers to perform an operation:

  • On the limbs;
  • On the eardrum;
  • Transplantation of skin and internal organs;
  • By removing the tonsils;
  • On the eyes;
  • Brain;
  • Dental.

There are too many types of transactions to list them all. This may be the installation of a pacemaker, the setting of an open fracture, or eye microsurgery. Some procedures are so subtle that it is impossible to do without enlarging the picture that is displayed on the monitor where the surgeon is looking. But not a single scalpel can cope with eye microsurgery to restore vision, and then, a laser comes to the rescue. Virtual practice will enable you to assess your readiness to commit all of your time to patient care and how suitable the work of a surgeon is to you. Although a doctor may have years of expertise and seniority, it is important to remember that learning never stops. There is always a place for new technologies, discoveries, and cases. It is necessary to study the properties of new drugs and techniques that help doctors find problems in the body, eliminate them, and then support the patient until complete recovery.