This subgenre of video games has become especially popular over the past few years for obvious reasons. While virus games have been popular for a long time now as they provide an interesting spin on classic strategy titles, their demand has skyrocketed because of the real pandemic. Even a few years earlier, it was difficult to imagine that something seen in video games would happen in the real world. But much like any other piece of media, video games always reflect our reality too, and many gamers fell in love with virus video games.

What is a virus game? This is a very broad term as it comprises all the games that have some sort of virus-related disaster or outbreak as their main theme. Of course, these games can be in completely different genres.

Here are some popular video game genres that can have virus-themed titles:

  • Shooter – when viruses are involved in video games, people or animals usually become infected and dangerous to others. Even zombie games in their variety often have viruses as the cause of zombie outbreaks. These games are popular in the shooter genre as you need to shoot through hordes of infected enemies.
  • Point and click – many indie games are created in this genre with an emphasis on the story. Naturally, some stories revolve around pandemics or viruses of some sort. These are the games that do not require much skill as all you need to do is click around and choose from different options to keep the story going.
  • Simulator – this video game genre has become insanely popular lately. There are simulators for everything, from basic jobs to being a goat. The possibilities are endless, and video game developers also made sure to create titles that simulate a global pandemic.
  • Strategy – these games come hand in hand with simulators as the players need to pick a side and achieve the ultimate goal of either infecting the whole world or saving it from the virus. In strategies, you need to make decisions that will help you achieve the objectives in the long run.

As for browser-based virus games, some of the most beloved ones are strategies. Of course, high-resolution shooters and plot-driven action games are more suitable for consoles, but simple strategies are great for playing online. Normally, in such games, you would have the world map and the task of either infecting everyone with the virus or preventing it from spreading. It is very peculiar to see how a small virus can spread quickly all over the world through people traveling by planes and other means of transportation. These games are also rather educational as you can see how the virus spreads and compare it with the current situation in the world that has just been hit by a real pandemic.

Online video games that can be enjoyed right in your browser are perfect for all players. Even if you are not skilled in games, you will discover hundreds of titles with accessible gameplay and controls. These titles are free to play, and they do not require additional gadgets or software. Any user can pick a game from the catalog and start gaming right away.