In music, many of us find solace and relaxation. Some people enjoy listening to their favorite songs, while others sing them, dance to them, or compose their tracks. No wonder music games are becoming so popular.

Friday Night Funkin Games are unique projects that allow every gamer to unleash their creativity. What is this category of games? Let's figure it out!

Music above all

Friday Night Funkin Games is open source. This feature allows everyone to create their own modifications of their favorite game and delight fans of musical projects with new versions of adventures.

What awaits gamers who have chosen online games from this category? You have to perform certain individual tasks or compete with other players. But in any of these cases, the quests are related to music.

To overcome the trials and emerge victorious, the character needs to succeed in performing different compositions. By pressing the keys, the gamer receives different notes and combines them into a complete track. However, that's not all! The level of health of the character depends on how timely you press the keys and get to the beat of the music.

A special health bar is present on the screen before the start of each competition. It is half filled. The further state of the character directly depends on the successful execution of the composition.

Each correctly pressed key and the received sonorous note fills the scale of the protagonist. If the player does not make mistakes and completes the performance flawlessly, the protagonist will receive maximum health and emerge victorious from the challenge.

At the slightest mistake, the level of health will decrease. If critical scale values are reached, a warning signal appears. Failed to take timely action? In this case, the character is waiting for death. Like all stages of the game, dying looks bright and is accompanied by an appropriate musical theme. If desired, the player can continue to fight for victory, starting his way anew, or return to the main menu.

Who will meet the main character in the battles?

In online games of this category, users are waiting for numerous additional characters. The main character can fight for the heart of his beloved girl and meet her parents (who, by the way, are in no hurry to give their beautiful daughter into the hands of an incomprehensible guy). In different locations, he meets ill-wishers and opponents, including other performers. For each of the characters that appear, you need to find an individual approach to achieve the cherished goal and win the battles.

Who are these games for? Anyone can safely try their vocal and performing abilities! Of course, if you have hearing and a sense of rhythm, it will be easier to cope with tasks. But even without innate musical talents, such projects will help you have a great time alone or in noisy company with friends or family.

So, do not miss the chance to feel like a real star of the scene. Press the keys more boldly and become the legend of music competitions!