Adventure games are a popular game genre based on discovery and story. When playing adventure games, you control a protagonist who travels through a vast fictional world. As a rule, the passage consists in solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles. Exploration is one of the important elements of this genre that makes the best adventure games stand out from the rest.

The developers of such games are faced with a difficult task: it is necessary to create a world with many trials and difficulties and, at the same time, think through the story to the smallest detail. Typically, adventure games are designed for one player so that they can fully control the course of events in the game. The decisions you make, the adventures you take part in, and the puzzles you solve all affect the gameplay.

The reason the best adventure games are so popular is quite simple: they allow the player to create their own story. Sometimes, you just want to download an FPS or platform game and immerse yourself in fast action with simple dynamics. But sometimes, you want to play a game the plot of which develops in its own way, and the tasks performed during the game affect subsequent events.

The passage of such a game can take a very long time due to a large number of different tasks, for example:

  • Solving puzzles and riddles;
  • The decryption of messages;
  • Search and collection of items for inventory;
  • Creation and use of tools;
  • Communication with other characters;
  • Solving mysteries, collecting clues and evidence;
  • Completing quests.

At its core, this genre is all about discovery, so the best adventure games have a well-crafted story. In such a game, it is not only the scale that attracts but also the fact that the entire gameplay is concentrated on the character. An adventure game usually shows the personal development of a character (or characters) as they take certain steps along the way. The development consists in pumping, passing chapters, and achievements.

To create a compelling story, developers draw inspiration from pop culture: mainly literature and films that touch on topics and motifs of interest. Some adventure games also follow the literary tradition of character development, where players learn their backstory as they complete tasks and quests. By making discoveries and collecting information, players can experience the full versatility of the game world. Therefore, in the best adventure games, you always want to complete as many side tasks and research as possible.

The Escape Games category is a prominent representative of this genre. This type of entertainment attracts users of all ages because the passage of the game is a pleasure due to its style and special atmosphere. Each game has its own flair. Therefore, every fan of the adventure genre will be able to find an exciting game that will give an unforgettable experience after obtaining all the achievements. In addition, such games are very useful for developing certain skills. For example, you can improve your reaction time, critical thinking skills, decision-making speed, etc.