Snail Bob is by far one of the most beloved free-to-play video games on the Internet. For kids, this is a set of fun and exciting games with a lovable main character. For adults, this is a nostalgic simple video game that reminds them of the titles played during childhood. The main character is a snail called Bob. This brave little snail sets off on a new adventure in each video game of the series, and players cannot get enough of them.

All the games in this category are adventures with puzzles. A bit of platforming is also involved. Overall, they are very simple and can be played using just a few buttons to move the character. Players need to travel with Snail Bob to his final destination and avoid any perils that he might encounter along the way. Right now, there are eight different titles available in this series. The first ones were rather simple, but each following game became more and more exciting and with a unique theme and aesthetic.

Here are some of the most popular installments in the Snail Bob series:

  • Snail Bob 1 – of course, the first game is where most players start this adventure. The very first part of Snail Bob's journey begins when his home is destroyed and he sets off on an adventure to find a new place to live. By moving forward and solving puzzles, players need to discover a new place for Snail Bob's home where he will be safe from humans and enemies.
  • Snail Bob 4: Space – this is where things start being very interesting. The previous few titles are more basic, but this one is themed as Snail Bob is in space. There are levels set in space and on the spaceship. Bob needs to battle gravity and fight against unfriendly aliens.
  • Snail Bob 5: Love Story – after four games of Snail Bob being alone, there is finally some time for love. While the setting of this game is once again more classic and literally down to earth, the story becomes more exciting. There is a female snail that Bob falls in love with, and the payer needs to help them reunite by solving puzzles and completing levels.
  • Snail Bob 6: Winter Story – this game is perfect for the winter holidays. There are winter-themed levels and enemies to put you in the holiday spirit. New mechanics are also introduced, such as ice levels where Snail Bob constantly slips while moving.
  • Snail Bob 8: Island Story – this is the latest game in the series, and it offers some of the best designs and animations up to date. The story is also more action-packed, and the game is extremely fun for gamers of all ages. This game is island-themed with thick jungles and local enemies trying to prevent you from moving forward. Bob often needs to advance through levels filled with lava, and this is a new obstacle on your way.

Overall, all Snail Bob games are very fun and charming. It is great seeing how the games improve and develop starting from the first simple one and the last Island Story. Hopefully, more games are to come out in the future so all players could continue helping this brave little snail.