Playing all sorts of games with peers, children most often choose the role of a teacher along with other top favorites of children's games, such as a doctor, a policeman, and a fireman. Online games about the school allow you to realize yourself as a teacher in any subject. And if the player feels a craving for a leadership position, you can immediately become the director of the school!

But it is not at all necessary to pick game plots with a teacher as the main character. You can plunge into the atmosphere of the school as a student of any class and set yourself any task. Do you want to learn how to become the star of the class or make friends with the brightest characters in the school? Then choose one of the games and discover the world behind the school desk from a new perspective!

Variety of School Games

A person spends so many years in school that this period remains the brightest of their life for many. Adults sometimes want to remember their young years, while kids, on the contrary, reach out to high school students. That is why there are unusually many games about school. They are made in different styles, with varying gameplay complexity and graphics quality. But all of them touch very important strings in the soul of every person, setting them up for creativity, friendship, kindness, mutual assistance, and the path to success.

Mythic Plots

Not only people are learning but also animals and the most incredible fabulous and mythical creatures. Do you want to know how a giraffe and a hippo feel at the same desk? Or how do Harry Potter and his friends learn magical techniques? Then choose fairy tale games inspired by the most popular and read children's books.

Funny Pranks

In a real school, there are many rules that students are forced to follow. In fictional game situations, they also exist. But they can be surreptitiously violated, especially when you have a fun group of friends! You can do chemical experiments without the supervision of a teacher, draw anything on the blackboard, change tickets during an exam, and much more with complete impunity. The main condition is to be dexterous enough to run away from approaching teachers.

School Friendship Games

Youth is a great time for sincere friendship and forging timid and tender romantic relationships. Simulate relationships with other students and turn them into real friends! Find out what strengthens the bonds of friendship and what, on the contrary, destroys them.

Economic Simulations

Get a modest school somewhere in a remote area of ​​the city and turn it into the most prestigious educational institution that the whole world will know about! To do this, you will have to go through a series of difficulties, because students love to run away from classes, and teachers sometimes beat off any desire to learn with their exactingness! Learn to balance the interests of all participants in the educational process, achieve harmony, and take your school to the top!


Sometimes, unthinkable things start to happen at school: teachers disappear, children refuse to study, and the director closes himself in his office out of fear. Want to find out who caused all these misfortunes and return the school to its former state? Then choose games about school with elements of challenge and adventure, which you will overcome in a team of true friends!

These are just a few of the school game genres that have become extremely popular with audiences of all ages. Select the best games in this section and play with friends, alone, or with the whole family. Experiencing exciting moments of school life, each player will definitely become more sincere, open, and enthusiastic!