Over the past few decades of video game development, computer games have become progressively more bloody. This is a fact, but most people, especially adults that do not play video games, have a lot of misconceptions about it. There are numerous video game genres, and even among each category and subcategory, there are tons of different games. Games can be very kids-friendly, they can involve zero violence at all, or they can be violent without much blood too. This means that only a small percentage of computer games are bloody. And when they are, this is intentional and complementary to the story or this is the whole purpose of a small title.

When discussing bloody games, it is important to understand that it is not a strict genre of titles but an element that puts different games in this category. You can have bloody shooters, slashers, action-adventure games, RPGs, and even puzzles. Often, bloody video games come in a form of small titles similar to mobile apps and only involves clicking or tapping. These kinds of games are usually popular among children and adults who try them for fun and quickly move to other games.

First, it is necessary to understand what makes a bloody game. There is a single requirement – a lot of bloodsheds. As you can imagine, even a surgeon simulator used for educational purposes can be considered a bloody video game. However, when searching for bloody games, players usually want either something simple and funny or an exciting shooter or slasher that only benefits from the bloodshed that makes it extra epic.

Here are some bloody games you can find here in the catalog:

  • Shooter – shooting games are incredibly popular and diverse. One of the most beloved subgenres is a zombie shooter that you can find here. Video games are meant to be entertaining and over the top, which is why in zombie shooters you can often see brains and blood spilling everywhere when you try to shoot zombie hordes approaching.
  • Puzzles – there are many arcade games with puzzle elements. You need to escape from somewhere or reach a certain goal without dying. If you fail to solve puzzles or choose an incorrect direction, your character might die a gruesome and bloody death. This is a nice addition that makes you try extra hard not to fail.
  • Ragdolls – this category either involves ragdoll characters that can be manipulated however you want or literal voodoo dolls. These are usually small funny games that do not have much going on. They can entertain children and adults for a little while, but they are not full games to play and enjoy for long.

One of the things that many people often do not realize is that violent video games do not actually make gamers more violent. If anything, bloody games are useful for relieving stress and anxiety. Playing games with a lot of action and blood is a great way to let your steam out, just like going to a gym and punching a bag. You should definitely try bloody video games for yourself to see the appeal. In the gaming library, you will find a decent variety of such games to play for free.