Block games are one of the most admired types of puzzle games. They will delight fans of figure puzzles and arcades of the Tetris genre. In most cases, a player`s task will be to arrange the pieces on the field in such a way that solid lines form vertically and/or horizontally. They will disappear as soon as you collect them. The difficulty lies in the fact that the figures cannot be rotated, but they are given in a set of three. Until you use it up, you will not be able to see the next set of blocks.

The Block Games category on the Game Karma website attracts both kids and grown-ups. It helps develop logical thinking, planning, patience, and overall erudition. It may seem to you that it is enough just to turn the block on the monitor screen and it will immediately fall into its place. It's not always that easy. At the beginning of any block game, it is always effortless for the player to place the figures in their places. However, with each new level, the speed of the appearance of the figures increases, and you have little time to turn them over correctly. Therefore, you need to demonstrate all your dexterity and speed to move to the next level.

Games in this category of online entertainment have many difficulty levels. You have to deal with completely different figures. Sometimes, you may have absolutely no idea how exactly you need to turn the block so that it takes its place correctly and you score the right number of points. This is a puzzle game to be solved with patience and rational thinking. If the block pieces are randomly placed anywhere, the game will end because all free space fills up quickly. Moreover, most block games have a countdown timer. Each session lasts about three-five minutes. So, you need to try to score the most points during this time. Thus, you will be able to hone your mathematical and mental abilities much better to achieve great results in the Block Games category.

Alongside the Tetris-themed block games, you will find plenty of other variants of this type of game. For example, have you ever dreamt of becoming a truck deliverer? If not, then you have a great opportunity to do so by playing an exciting online game without downloading.

In this incredible game, you will act as the driver of a huge 3D truck. You need to put all your driving efforts into quickly and safely delivering bulky goods from point A to point B without any problems. With each new level, the weight and size of the goods will be different. You need to be careful not to collide with other vehicles. In addition, the driver must also carefully avoid difficult obstacles not to lose valuable cargo and earn game points. Pay close attention to your truck`s speed. Otherwise, you may lose control of the transport and get into a terrible accident. Block games of this type are great for children starting from 7 years old. They will help train attention, concentration, and endurance, and develop strong logical thinking skills.

Moreover, many other sorts of block games are presented on this page. Please, don’t forget that a considerable part of block games are multiplayer gaming products. Hence, you can compete with real online players from all over the world. By participating in 1v1 battles, you can play with users with different experiences and knowledge. This provides another adrenaline rush as you defeat opponents and score the most points. It's also nice to see your name on the leaderboards among many other players.

Now, you know that on this page, you can play the best Block games from the most reputable providers. Simply select a gaming product according to your gaming preferences and have a great time. Are you ready to beat yesterday`s record? Good luck!