Today, games about warriors, weapons, and armor no longer arouse great gaming interest. But they once seriously influenced the gaming industry. It's not just about mechanics. For example, it is thanks to fighting scenes that games have an age rating.

The first fighting games had simple controls and a single playable character. It was impossible to play against other players. To some extent, all games of this genre resembled the classic Beat'em Up but with only one exception — the enemies had to be defeated in turn. The golden age of fighting games was marked by the release of Street Fighter II. A lot of creative projects were released, and the plot and gameplay were developing. Such games required dexterity and increased attentiveness.

A variation of this genre with a third-person view is called an arena fighting game. This is an important difference from the classical scheme, when the players are shown in parallel. But in general, the gameplay is too simple. Instead of a top/bottom block, arena fighters have a shield that protects them from everything. The characters do not have multiple choice of a hit at the moment, and the characters themselves and the mechanics are simple. But by simplifying the factors that are important for a real fighting game, the game does not become meager. More attention is paid to the casualness and visuals of the game, which allows attracting more players.

Unlike traditional games of the genre, platform fighting games aim for nimble maneuverability and feature dynamic stages. Most often, the goal is not to beat the enemy but to throw them out of the platform. But if you miss blows, percentages are accumulated, and the higher they are, the stronger the enemy will repel. Usually, for a fun game, you need the company of people who compete with each other. Therefore, platform fighting games are ideal for spending time together. Key features of fighting games:

  • Combos depend directly on the player; you can combine them or display your own.
  • Special moves (not superpowers) can be used indefinitely until you are punished by the enemy.
  • In fighting games, everything depends on the player's skills and knowledge of combinations. You won’t be able to blame your teammates for a bad game or say that the character is too weak.

But games about warriors can be presented in other genres. For example, an adventure is a rather old and widespread genre of computer and video games in which the player controls a character, progresses through the plot, solves puzzles, and avoids dangers. These games are most often called quests and all games with puzzle elements. Quests typically involve players interacting with other characters and the world around them to solve puzzles with clues, thus progressing through the story.

Action-adventure is a subgenre of adventure games in which action dominates puzzles, although the latter ones are not completely excluded. Almost all adventure games of our time began to contain action elements. An adventure game always combines other genres such as shooter, RPG, puzzle, text RPG, turn-based tactical strategy, and many others. These games may have other quality components, such as gameplay, game mechanics, and various features, and then, such projects are often praised as masterpieces.

Thanks to browser-based Warrior Games, you can play a variety of game genres. Moreover, each of them has its characteristics that will help you relax and have fun during the passage.