The pool has become one of the trendiest types of sports for people from all countries long ago. However, not many people can play it whenever they want to. That is why the demand for online pool games has recently increased greatly. Consequently, Game Karma offers you the most significant pool games for any taste.

Historians still argue about where billiards first appeared, but everyone agrees that this game is quite ancient. Some are sure that the roots should be sought in India, while others are persuaded that in China. That is why the pool has always attracted attention and constantly transformed, creating a variety of ways to play. Hence, starting to play online pool games on our website, you will get acquainted with the two versions of the process in more detail. Pool games can be played just for fun, but players also often make money bets or settle important arguments with the help of a pool. Billiards is not to be taken lightly. It is a respected and valued game with plenty of local and international competitions.

Billiards has long ceased to be an elite game and has gained popularity among the population. That is why its virtual version appeared and became widely known. More people want to play billiards online every day. Playing pool games online offers plenty of benefits. Firstly, you do not need to leave the house, which is a decisive factor for many. The same can be said about finding a game partner because, in the online version of pool games, you will quickly and easily find a worthy opponent.

On this page, you can select from various types of pool games including eight- and nine-pool games. Feel like Ronnie O'Sullivan and become the world champion in your category. If you do not have a separate room with a billiard table, playing pool games online using your mobile device or PC will be the best choice now. The most common types of pool games are American and Russian billiards. Both versions are presented in our line of gaming products. The game management is close to realistic, and you can see the ball`s position from any visual angle. You can calculate the turn of the cue, the strike force, and its angle. Both your and your opponent`s points will be conveniently displayed on the scoreboard.

Your opponents can be both real players and a computer. And, of course, you can play pool online without renting a table, balls, and cues. All you need is to turn on the computer. And you immediately become a participant in an exciting billiard tournament organized especially for you. There are many versions of online pool games that are designed to diversify the classic game and make it even more exciting.

Stunning and realistic simulators made in 3D graphics allow players to see the table from different viewing angles, and soft light streams from the lamps perfectly illuminate every corner of the table. By simply controlling the computer mouse, you can easily turn your eyes to the desired point, lean over the cloth to follow the direction with your eyes, and draw an imaginary straight line that directs the ball`s movement. With the same mouse or a touchpad, you can easily adjust the strength and direction of the cue strike. It is enough to hold the button until the scale indicating the impact force reaches the desired value. This unusual way of controlling can cause slight discomfort only at the beginning. You will undoubtedly get used to it in a few minutes.

So, if you want to relax after a hard-working day or simply entertain your kids or relatives, select any product in the Pool Games category on Game Karma and enjoy the process. Pool games are a great tool to develop mindfulness, endurance, an accurate eye, and logical thinking in adults and children. If you have never played pool in real-life, try the games from this category right now.