Game worlds have long been filled with perfect mechanics and 3D graphics. The design of modern games is extremely realistic. However, it all started with pixelated indie games, many of which we played for the first time on our mobile devices. You may be surprised, but these games are still popular because they evoke pleasant memories and allow you to relax and enjoy the simplicity, interesting and fun levels.

Why do we enjoy pixel games?

There are several reasons for the popularity of pixel games. Even though these projects do not contain difficult tasks and often primitive graphics, they are still something that people enjoy regardless of age. Foremost, this format is suitable for anyone who wants to take a small trip to the past, where there were no complex requirements for the player, crazy equipment, or paid options. Everything was so simple and clear. Sometimes, that's missing in modern projects, and that's exactly what online pixel games offer.

And here are a few more reasons to love pixel projects:

  • These games help to take a break from the routine because they are straightforward, unpretentious, and very fun.
  • Game graphics create an exciting atmosphere that can't be felt in modern, bulky, and complex projects.
  • Browser games of this format run easily and quickly on any device. Forget the high demands of the system and the different technical aspects of software and hardware compatibility. You don't even need to download anything.
  • There are many pixel games on different topics and different genres. This category is so broad that everyone can find something fascinating in this assortment.
  • It is, without exaggeration, the perfect balance of functionality, flawless mechanics, and fun. These projects can give players the best emotions and bring back memories of childhood when “Tetris” was the main pastime, and Mario was at the peak of its popularity.

It is interesting to note that even some well-known projects are now in the form of indie games. For example, you can play pixel Minecraft and understand how all these square worlds arose, which, in modern versions of the game, are increasingly approaching full 3D graphics.

The magical age of 2D graphics is back in the form of indie games

Some developers offer really cool indie games that deserve our admiration. That's why you see these options in the Game Karma directory. Actually, any digital two-dimensional picture consists of pixels. The detail and clarity of the image depend precisely on the number of pixels per unit area.

Pixel games have low detail, which makes them look like old Dandy or Sega-style games. Such a trip to the past brings a lot of pleasure. Retro games, surprisingly, are popular not only among adults. Children like it because there are cool horror games, shooters, arcade games, adventure games, and many other genres. Each project contains fun tasks, and, based on this, a plot, albeit elementary, develops. Old-new projects combine with simple melodies, so it creates an unforgettable atmosphere overall.

With the advent of true color, pixel drawings appeared to have completely disappeared from OS and game consoles because voluminous full-color graphics looked aesthetically pleasing. At the same time, enthusiasts do not allow first-generation games to disappear because they were the ones that started everything. This revival of traditions also has its aesthetics. There are some different ways to perceive this trend.

Indie games are something to try. It helps kids better understand their parents, who spent their teens playing such games. And for adults, meanwhile, it is guaranteed to bring pleasant emotions, unshakable memories, and an additional reason to smile.

Not sure where to look for the best pixel graphics games? It's time for you to open a tab with the Game Karma site. The game library of the website contains hundreds of fascinating games, and among them, a separate section is devoted to 2D games. You will definitely like it!