Among Us is an insanely popular social deduction video game that appeared a few years ago. Its incredible popularity resulted in tons of merch, other media, and similar games appearing on the market. This seemingly simply designed mafia-style video game became revolutionary, and players from all over the globe came together to play this title online.

One of the key features of any Among Us game is its multiplayer. While there are some Among Us-themed titles in different genres that do not need multiplayer, such as dress-up games, the ability to play together with friends and other online users is what makes these video games so incredibly fun.

Among Us is a video game with a mafia plot where you need to figure out who is the impostor. If you play as the impostor, it is your duty to hide this fact and survive. The rules are simple, but there are many Among Us-themed and inspired games that add their twist to the gameplay. If you like the original video game and want to play something similar or with the same theme, there are plenty of options in the gaming library.

Here are a few of the Among Us-themed game genres that you can try:

  • Social deduction – this is the classic version of the game. In multiplayer, each user is assigned a role that they must fulfill if they want to win. Each role is assigned at random, and there are usually one or two impostors that need to hide their identity and kill other innocent players.
  • Hide and seek – this is a simplified version of Among Us game that only required hiding well enough to survive. There is no need to test your wit and apply logic as you only need to find hidden players.
  • Squid game – this is an incredibly popular show that came out not so long ago. There has been a lot of crossover content between the Among Us game and this show. In this version, players need to fight to survive, and the last man standing wins.
  • Dress up – while in the original title, there is an opportunity to dress up your little astronaut using various accessories, there are games that went even further. The main character of Among Us has become very popular among kids, and naturally, there is a demand for a fun dress-up game where you can try on all kinds of silly outfits.
  • Free for all – this format works perfectly for browser games. As soon as you jump in the game, every character plays for themselves. There are classic Among Us characters, but each of the players wields various weapons, and you need to defeat other users and avoid damage to survive. When players are killed, they drop loot that you can collect to replenish your health and become stronger.

While Among Us is an incredible game, it can become repetitive. If you still love the game but want something fresh to try, you should definitely check out other Among Us browser games and try out the variety of titles available in the catalog. All of them are different and fun to satisfy all players.