Golf games have always been considered the entertainment of kings because not everyone can afford to buy everything for this. You need special clothes for playing golf, an expensive club and, of course, your court. However, with online games, the dream of playing golf has become a reality, and now, everyone can afford to play this wonderful game of aristocrats.

A brief history of golf

Among the history of many nationalities and countries, one can find mention of games where the main goal was to drive a ball or stone into a special hole using a stick. However, it is believed that golf came from Scotland. In this country, local shepherds, with the help of their staffs, with which they drove sheep, drove round pebbles into hare holes in their free time.

After the game gained popularity, the authorities decided to ban it because it interfered with the mastery of martial arts. These decrees were official and are today considered the first mention of golf in history. The Scots, on the other hand, violated these laws and continued to play their favorite game, and even the authorities, the kings, also played and enjoyed this wonderful game. After some time, the ban was limited only to weekends, and soon, it was canceled.

However, games like Scottish golf existed long before it. For example, in the Roman Empire, there was a game called paganika, in which, with the help of a special bent stick, the participants hit a ball stuffed with feathers.

Another interesting suggestion was the Chinese game Chuywan. One of the ancient Chinese scrolls depicts a drawing, and it clearly shows how members of the imperial family, using sticks very similar to modern clubs, are trying to roll a small ball into the holes. However, real, modern golf came to us all the same from Scotland.

Where to play golf today?

You can enjoy and try out this wonderful game with ancient history in some golf clubs. Nevertheless, what to do if you do not have an opportunity to go to such a club or there is no one in your city? Due to these issues, online golf games have appeared and gained huge popularity among gamers.

The rules of online golf are simple – you need to put the ball into the hole using a club. In addition, one can develop dexterity, reaction, and accuracy by playing these wonderful games for all ages. In different online collections, you can find a lot of great games related to this sport!

Apart from classic golf, there are some very unusual games. For instance, you can try to play online 3D golf, where you will find yourself in a wonderful world. Here, you can see traditional and very unusual holes. You can plan your punch, aim, and hope for the best!

During each round, you can see aliens, disappearing holes, and other unexplained phenomena. This is an example of a very exciting and colorful game of golf. It is fascinating to try to get the best result, throw the ball over obstacles, and try to win. Moreover, one can improve logic skills with this great game!

All online golf games are absolutely free, do not contain long commercials, and are available to play without registration. Get new experiences and great victories in this wonderful game.