Cricket is a game of high society in England. It has existed since ancient times and preserves its traditions, not changing them even after many years. Cricket has become a symbol of England, just like the fog or the monarchy.

The game, which gentlemen from high society prefer to play, has always been popular among common people as well. But official cricket clubs have always consisted of only the most distinguished persons. That is why membership in such a club served as a hallmark of an aristocrat. The game of English gentlemen and noblemen originated in the 13th century. Initially, cricket was considered only a child's game, but over time, it became a pastime that is an integral part of English traditions. True popularity came to cricket in the 18th century, when the rules of the game were officially established and fixed. At the same time, clubs of professional cricketers began to appear. In 1990, cricket was included in the Olympic roster. However, the game, not too well known at that time, did not win the hearts of the audience and was very soon excluded from the Olympic program. Since the beginning of the 20th century, cricket has become popular not only in England but also in other countries in Europe, Africa, and even Australia.

The game is played as follows. The server throws the ball into the wicket, trying to break it. In turn, the batter from the opposing team must prevent this and hit the ball in time with a bat. If the serve is returned, the batsman must run to the other end of the playing court, while another batsman of the same team, who is on the opposite end of the court, must take his place. For a full run — a change in the position of the batters — the team is awarded one point.

Players of the opposing team not participating in the ball rally are dispersed across the playing field. Their job is to catch the ball and put it back in play. If the ball is caught and returned to the game before the end of the batsmen's run, the run is considered lost, and the batsman is out of the game. Also, the batsman is eliminated if the batted ball was caught in the air or the serve was not hit at all.

Each match includes two stages — innings. They end when each team completes one series of innings. Teams change places after 10 players are eliminated. It often happens that a cricket match can drag on for several days because the teams are developing attack tactics and defense strategies for a long time. Cricket seems to be a rather simple game, but thanks to the preservation of centuries-old traditions, the game has retained a lot of subtleties and nuances, the description of which takes up a weighty volume called the "Cricket Rulebook."

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