Among sports simulators, tennis is one of the most popular and spectacular. It is considered an aristocratic game due to its beauty, grace, and brilliant skills required to win. The names of great tennis players are known all over the world, and many people, including famous and wealthy ones, like to play tennis at their leisure. Among them, you can find even kings and presidents who are not afraid to publicly confess their love for tennis.

Computer tennis games allow you to feel the excitement of the game and master the skills of a professional tennis player. During the match, it is essential to not only deftly beat off all the opponent's balls but also throw them with such mastery that the rival does not have time to react to it.

Tennis games vary in their difficulty, so even children can find the right gameplay for themselves. If you are a fan of this sport and know all the details about world-famous tennis players, choose games with real athletes as prototypes. Such games are produced not only for the tennis players of our time but also for legends who have already passed away. For example, you want to be the tennis idol of the 1920s or 30s. Choose games from this series and plunge into the historical era of your grandparents and great-grandparents.

Tennis has several varieties. You can choose any of them both in life and in the virtual world. Table tennis and ping-pong also have a lot of fans, and the former type is even included in the program of Olympic Games. In the virtual world, it is popular far beyond our Galaxy, and therefore, you can fight ping pong not only with aliens but even with robots. Also, any fairy-tale characters or animals can be used as playing characters. Participate in tennis competitions between squirrels and raccoons, wolves and foxes, monsters, and memes. Whatever style of game is closer to you, its characters are sure to play tennis because this game is adored by many!

In tennis games, you can try yourself as a coach. You will have to select the most promising tennis players for your team and grow champions out of them. You can go even further and choose the role of a manager. Then, you will organize training and championships, look for sponsors for matches, provide athletes with travel to competitions, and much more. By playing such games, you will see the world of tennis in all its complexity. You will understand how much work is needed for organizing tennis championships, which the whole world watches with bated breath.

To make tennis simulators convenient for any players, they are invited to customize their character, as well as choose a simple arcade or full simulation mode, which requires much more attention and participation. Athletes who have devoted their whole lives to tennis often take part in the development of tennis games. That is why the games are so believable in the smallest detail. They are imbued with love for this captivating sport and can convey their passion for it.

Many tennis players admit that their path to the tennis court began with playing tennis on the computer. So that your love for tennis can be realized not only in life but also in virtual reality, we have collected the best tennis games in their popular variations. Pick up a virtual racket and start your ascent to the tennis Olympus.