Are you a fan of dogs? A couple of these charming creatures already live in your house, or, maybe, you just dream about them? Then don't miss exciting online dog games.

Dog games for girls

When choosing a game, most girls today prefer the following types:

  • Creative minds can create not only the pet but also a home for it. In addition, the game has an additional level where you can play with your new pet by chasing the ball.
  • The care and attention of the pet can be required all the time. This is what happens in the game, where a girl opens a hotel for dogs and provides customers with a full range of services for keeping pets. To cope with the task and prevent the dogs from being sad, you will need excellent skills and the ability to plan time correctly.
  • Well, if you like to keep an eye on the appearance of your pets most of all, pet grooming has everything you need for this. Here, you have to help the dog back into shape after a long walk. Do your best, and, perhaps, you will get the position of court stylist.

Dog games for real guys

While girls mostly pay attention to the graphics, boys are more interested in the gameplay and the difficulty of passing. Therefore, they will almost certainly be interested in the following options:

  • You have to lead a paw patrol and help a farmer harvest an unusually large crop. The project is divided into levels in which you have to test not only your dexterity but also logic and other qualities necessary for a rescuer.
  • For all fans of mini-dogs and the game where you have to control the four-legged ninja, who must repel the clan of cats, is recommended. Load the cannon, prepare the fighters, and move forward.
  • Another story is dedicated to a dog that single-handedly cleans the streets of a small futuristic town from the paws of the cat mafia. He has at his disposal the latest weapon developments of the dog laboratory, but there are significantly more enemies. Will he be able to repulse the clever revelers, or will the city still lose its hero in an unequal battle? The game is divided into levels and has a pretty good weapon shop that will arouse interest even among experienced fighters.

Dog games for everyone

There are legendary god games that present you with one main hero who you have to take care of. He is lazy enough, and therefore, to push him, you will need some effort. However, all the work will be rewarded because, with the dog, you can do so many exciting things: talk, feed, and even experiment in his personal laboratory! It is worth noting that the old dog is quite good at parodies. As soon as he hears a phrase, he immediately undertakes to repeat it in a deliberately distorted voice.

The next type of dog game is a colorful spot-the-difference puzzle game. However, here, you will not have to look for different objects in outwardly identical pictures but, on the contrary, the same elements in different images. With each level, the complexity will only increase, but who and when did this fact stop? There are no restrictions in the game, but there is a system for scoring points, and therefore, it will be interesting to everyone.

In addition, there are even shooters in which you and a dog have to go to put out a fire on a tropical island. Lava monsters are completely raging and set fire to everything they see around, so you have to arm yourself with a fire extinguisher and run around the island in search of these troublemakers. The complexity of the game lies in the fact that the dog's body temperature is constantly rising (from moving on hot soil, from collisions with an enemy, etc.). Therefore, not to lose, you need to collect various cooling elements, which is quite problematic to do when a lava man is chasing you.