The cat is a symbol of home comfort. it can cheer up, relieve emotional stress, and fill the home with kindness, affection, and love. Be that as it may, not everyone manages to keep a cat in the house. Someone does not have time, others are allergic to wool. Especially for such people and cat lovers, game developers create virtual worlds that allow them to control purring pets, care for them, and get positive emotions.

Games about cats are a world of mysterious graceful creatures that favorably allowed a person to tame themselves. Unlike loyal and constantly fawning over the owner of dogs, doomed to leashes and muzzles, cats are distinguished by independence and unpredictability of temper.

Such games can be presented in a variety of genres:

  • A vivid role-playing game in which you play a cute cat and a smart dog, explore locations, clear dungeons, and complete entertaining tasks.
  • An action-adventure game in which you play as a cat, explore cities, meet the inhabitants of the virtual world, complete tasks, and solve various puzzles. Players are waiting for picturesque locations and exciting adventures.
  • A stylish visual novel where you find equipment, learn skills, extract resources, and try to survive in a harsh world.
  • An entertaining platform game where you can complete tasks, enjoy a beautiful fantasy world, fight monsters and bosses, collect coins, and complete levels.

Realistic simulators with interesting plots deserve special attention. Homeless cats have a hard time. They are forced to look for food and a place to sleep to avoid stray dogs. In simulations, the player will have to take on the role of a kitten who is forced to survive in a big city. The user needs to not only eat and sleep but also play, make friends, and even find a new home. During the adventure, the kitten will meet a variety of animals and people. Some will be kind to you, and others will be cruel and even dangerous.

If street cats are forced to fight for life and look for food and shelter, domestic ones are the real masters of life. There are no rules for them, and private property means nothing to them. Simulation games about domestic cats can have several modes: time trial, destruction, and a "free" game, in which the player is free to do whatever they want (like a real cat). This is a total immersion game from the first person. All the player sees is their own paws. They are very convenient to bring down vases, appliances, and flower pots on the floor.

In childhood, many dreamed of a pet, and it often was about a cute kitten. If you once failed to persuade your parents for such a gift, then browser-based Cat Games will help make your childhood dreams come true. It is in these projects that you will be allowed to play as cats and find out what the life of these amazing four-legged animals is like. In addition, the game also offers large open worlds, which are inhabited by a huge number of cats, and you can interact with many of them. In general, this is a kind of feline paradise for fans of these purring creatures.