Cats are characters that will make any computer game attractive. No wonder so many developers use this simple hack! There are many projects of different genres in the industry, in which cats are the main or secondary characters. Neither adults nor children can resist charming fluffies!

What are Kitty Games?

As the name implies, in every project in this category, there is a place for cats. At the same time, it cannot be said that these thematic online games are the same or banal. What options does the modern industry offer gamers?

  • Educational projects in which players get acquainted with the peculiarities of animal life and learn how to properly care for them. Such online games are designed primarily for children. It will be interesting for kids to learn as much as possible about kittens, their birth, the first months of life, and further development. Such knowledge will be especially useful if the child asks you to have a pet. The game will help children understand that a kitten is not a toy and a real responsibility awaits them.
  • Platformers and adventures in which cats are the main characters. Move up the level, collect bonuses, and dodge enemies. Overcoming all trials is not always easy, but there is no other way to victory. Such games are characterized by a dynamic picture and simple controls. They will perfectly help to distract you after work and brighten up a couple of hours of free time.
  • Shopping and beauty games. Such designs are especially popular among little girls. Their main characters are small cats or kittens. Gamers need to create a wardrobe for the characters with outfits for any situation and make a stylish hairstyle and makeup.
  • Shooters, military strategies, detective stories, etc. Such games will already be of interest to adult users. In them, you can expect the most unexpected plot twists from the appearance of detective cats to the attack of an enemy cat civilization. The fantasy of the developers will take you to the original game universes that will bring an unforgettable experience.
  • Puzzle. What could be more relaxing than a leisurely solution to logic problems in the company of fluffy cats? Develop with them your powers of observation, memory, accuracy, and speed of movement. These skills will undoubtedly be useful to children and adults in real life.
  • Online coloring. Learning to draw with kittens is much more fun than without them! Ideal projects for the youngest players to develop creativity and a sense of beauty. In such games, children get acquainted with colors and shades, learn to combine them harmoniously, and improve the accuracy of movements because a computer mouse becomes their brush.

Who will like Kitty Games?

It is generally accepted that playing with kittens is more suitable for children. Yes, it is. But many adults are also not averse to immersing themselves in a world ruled by four-legged pets for a couple of hours.

Remember, the main thing is not age but love for cats. If you love these animals, choose an online game and boldly set off to conquer new universes!