Baby Hazel games will delight and captivate every girl, especially girls who love to play with dolls, take care of pets, and help the elders. The main character of the games is the mischievous Little Hazy, she is attentive and diligent, but when something doesn’t work out for her, the girl gets upset and cries. Each game has hints and pointers, so every girl can easily figure out how to play them.

By choosing Baby Hazel games, girls learn to be responsible and attentive to the wishes of others. Helping to take care of the baby's little brother, her kitten or bunny, the player will learn how to perform certain tasks correctly. The passage of games will teach you how to cook various dishes, create applications, or decorate the house. Baby has a fun and exciting everyday life and she never sits idle. She also has several friends with whom she often plays and explores the world.

A variety of Baby Hazel Games

A series of games with Baby Hazel offer a wide range of themed entertainment. They are designed specifically for girls, who get the opportunity to play with dolls and learn something new in each of the games. A pleasant and intuitive interface with tips will not be difficult to quickly understand the gameplay.

Holiday games

This selection of games will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of celebration and fun on any day:

  • Baby Hazel in Disneyland will allow you to go to the most exciting amusement park. Pack up your essentials and head out to meet your favorite Disney characters. You will meet Mickey, Mini, Donald Duck, and other famous characters.
  • Baby Hazel at the New Year's Eve Party. Why wait for the New Year to come when you can organize it right now? Make a holiday party by decorating the room and inviting your friends.
  • With Baby Hazel who is celebrating Halloween, you can plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday. Choose the right Halloween costume and go on an adventure.
  • In Baby Hazel at a birthday party, you'll be invited to a birthday party and you can't ignore it. Get ready for the holiday and choose a good gift.

Educational games

Among the games with Baby Hazel, there are also educational games. Combine business with pleasure:

  • Baby Hazy in the kitchen. The action of the game is transferred to the kitchen with many ingredients and a book with recipes. Try your cooking skills and prepare the most delicious dishes.
  • Baby Hazel the gardener will send you to the backyard. This time, you will have to try on the role of a gardener, take care of plants, and remove weeds.
  • Laundry with Baby Hazel is a big laundry where you have to help her. The game develops independence and replenishes knowledge.

Entertainment games

These games are perfect for passing the time. Nice graphics and interesting locations will appeal to the child:

  • Baby Hazel Goes Fishing. In this part, Baby Hazel goes fishing. Get together and start catching fish in the form of an interactive game.
  • Get ready for an adventure in the wild world with Baby Hazel on safari. This time, you are transported on a safari, taking pictures of animals with you and enjoying the environment.
  • Baby Hazel's winter fun. At any time of the year, you can organize a winter fairy tale for yourself. Soak up the winter mood, go ice skating, and make something out of freshly fallen snow.
  • Masquerade outfit of Baby Hazel. This time, our heroine is going to a masquerade, and we have to help her in preparation. Choose the brightest outfit and help the main character get ready. During the festival, you will find many entertainments and competitions.

Self-reliance games

These games will teach the child independence and how to take care of their neighbors:

  • Tidying up with Baby Hazel. The house is in chaos, and we must help Baby Hazel clean up the mess. With the help of interactive control, put things in their places and remove unnecessary.
  • Baby Hazel takes care of her brother. This time, you were left to look after your brother. Keep him in the mood, feed him, and find ways to cheer him up.
  • Baby Hazel takes care of a parrot. The game perfectly teaches responsibility in an entertaining way.

Among this variety, it is easy to find the most suitable game for you!