Compared to Western animated series and feature films, anime (Japanese animated films, series) are distinguished by the uniqueness of their presentation, plot, and visual storytelling. One of the important reasons for this uniqueness is the number of animation projects produced in a given country. A huge domestic market, as well as growing overseas markets for the animation industry, provides an opportunity for investors, studios, and producers to jumpstart bold ideas and win the love and devotion of a new audience of viewers while increasing the volume of anime fans around the world.

After 2010, anime began to be actively introduced into the computer game industry. Also, video games have become a frequent topic of anime films and TV series themselves. In the early days of video games in Japan, many animation professionals could be involved in both the creation of video games and animated series. Akira Toriyama, author of the manga Dragon Ball (1984), having won immortal fame not only for his manga and anime adaptation, which found fans around the world, was invited as the main artist for the game Dragon Quest I (1986), which received a resounding success. The visual style of Akira Toriyama continues in the Dragon Quest series of games to this day.

After anime became literally an everyday element of modern mass culture, along with cinemas and TV shows, they began to appear more often in computer games. Video games have interactivity and learning built into the gameplay. The viewer here becomes a direct participant in the events. They are directly involved in the development of the story, often depending on them and how the story ends.

The narrative here can develop through the gameplay, maybe through the gaps in the gameplay, which are not directly related to the plot of the game. There are also games whose plot is scattered in the space surrounding the player, who does not know the causes and consequences of what is happening on the screen until they begin to explore the game world, compare facts, and so on. Games are an actively developing industry and constantly give birth to new genres.

Games have changed a lot under the influence of anime. Live-action anime adaptations have created new genres, bringing new ways and ideas to visualize storytelling. They are a collection of projects of completely different genres, which are aimed at completely different age categories. Based on anime, adventure games, fighting games, strategies, and action games, are created. It is also worth noting that in many ways in Japan, the situation is somewhat different than in the West — there, the games are often the prototypes for animated films, and not vice versa.

In almost every genre, human psychology and secret feelings and desires that each of us hides deep inside are always affected. It is because of this anime that it has such popularity and a huge number of fans. Browser-based Anime Games will help you have a good time and enjoy your unique style.