Pokemon is one of the top video game franchises in the world. There is not a single person that does not know about this incredible game at least something. In addition to numerous video games in the series, there are also movies, cartoons, toys, tabletop games, and more. Pokemon games are loved by players of all ages worldwide, which results in numerous games with similar vide and genres appearing on the market. Luckily for browser game players, there are tons of great titles to be played on the web.

What are Pokemon games about? Pokemon is an abbreviation that means Pocket Monsters, which gives a good idea about the games. Pokemon are animal-like creatures that players can capture for their team. There are many goals in Pokemon games, and each user can discover the mechanics that they like most. Thanks to the browser Pokemon video games, there is a variety of similar titles focusing on specific elements of the original games.

Here are things that players can do in such video games:

  • Collecting – one of the objectives of classic Pokemon games is to "catch them all." For many fans, this is what they like to do most, traveling around and catching Pokemon. There are also browser games focused on the collecting aspect so that players could collect fantasy creatures and play with them.
  • Exploring – this is also an essential part of these games. Players need to travel to different locations to find new creatures and battle various characters to progress through the story.
  • Battling – being able to use your Pokemon or other similar creatures for the battle is one of the favorite parts for any player. You can battle other Pokemon to gain experience or capture them, or you can fight with other characters to move forward. In each game, there are different battling mechanics that are really fun to learn.

When it comes to Pokemon analogs, there are many different game types available. They can include similar mechanics or various monsters to collect and battle. Here are some games that you can discover in the Pokemon category:

  • Matching – these are very simple games that people like to play to relax. Pokemon elements can be added by collecting creatures after each level or making the tiles look like fun characters.
  • Evolution – every Pokemon player knows about the evolution mechanics. For some gamers, this is the most fun part of the game, which is why there are evolution games dedicated to collecting creatures and evolving them after fulfilling certain requirements.
  • Fighting – each character has their powers, and fighting with other monsters or players is an integral part of these games. These games require not only skill but your intellect to pick the best strategy and win over your opponent.

Pokemon video games have been on the market for decades now, and their popularity is obvious. Even if you have never played any Pokemon game or a similar title, you should give it a try. While sticking to a certain formula, there are many Pokemon-type games in a variety of genres. Try out games in your favorite genres to learn more about Pokemon titles.