When people hear of underground video games, they might think of unique and niche titles that are often not for the general public. However, in the video game world, this can have a direct meaning. Underground browser games are those titles set in some kind of underground or dungeon. This is a very popular setting among gamers as most of such games are fantasy themed. However, there are also other unique titles and even spin-offs of some other popular games.

While numerous video game genres can be set in dungeons and undergrounds, not all of them can be implemented in a browser. Most gamers already know that you cannot play the latest action adventure games right in your Internet browser. However, many gaming genres are rather simple in design and gameplay by default. Many indie games focus on the underground and are perfect for PC browsers.

Here are some of the underground video game genes that you can try out:

  • Metroidvania – this is a portmanteau of the popular video game franchises called Metroid and Castlevania. This genre is a combination of platformer elements, map exploration, fighting bosses, collecting artifacts, and more. Many Metroidvania games are 2D.
  • Platformers – while platformers can be set in any kind of environment, they are very popular in an underground aesthetic. This is because undergrounds are often connected to fantasy stories and realms, such as dwarf kingdoms, etc. Simple platformers do not have a specific plot and only require completing levels by jumping from platform to platform and avoiding obstacles.
  • Puzzles – whether you need to solve a puzzle to leave an underground room or the whole dungeon is a riddle to solve, there are plenty of dungeon puzzle video games. They have incredibly simple controls and stylized indie designs. Players only need to collect the necessary items to make an escape or try and leave the labyrinths.
  • Running games – this is a separate genre that includes games with unstoppable running. You play as a certain character that never stops moving, and you often only need to jump or duck not to smash into the obstacles. Temple Run is one of the most famous games in this category, and it definitely has an underground aesthetic.

Of course, these are only a few kinds of games you can find in the underground category. There are many unique video game titles brought together thanks to their underground design. There are even titles inspired by other famous games, such as a mole in the hole. However, you do not need to whack this mole but help it dig down without smashing into obstacles.

One of the benefits of this category is that it comprises such different video game genres thanks to their similar aesthetic. In this library, you will discover a wide selection of exciting games perfect for killing some time. They are so simple that you can start playing right away but engaging nonetheless. Often, even the most detailed and praised games are not as fun as these simple browser titles. And once you are bored of one game, you can try out another one from this category until you play all of them. The possibilities are endless, and you will never get bored.