Tap video games are among the simplest games you can think of. Just as the name of this category suggests, in these games, you need to tap the screen or specific characters or objects. There is usually some kind of objective that you need to reach by tapping the screen. Tap games can be extremely simplified with only tapping and receiving points, or additional mechanics, such as leveling up or collecting things, might appear. Either way, the main task of such games is to tap quickly in succession to receive the things you need.

This might sound boring for many seasoned gamers, but all video games have their target audience. Even pro gamers that love shooters or action games can occasionally play simple tappers to relax. Simple video games need to be simple as they serve the specific purpose of being as uncomplicated as possible.

Here is a list of features and game mechanics you can encounter while playing tap games:

  • Tapping – obviously, tapping your screen is an integral part of such video games. As opposed to games that require using simple arrow controls for moving or more elaborate combinations for controlling your character, tapping games usually only require tapping or clicking if you are using your computer.
  • Quick reaction – in some tapping games, the key objective is to tap the screen or any object as quickly as possible. Based on the number of taps, you can receive points, coins, or other things. Sometimes, it is necessary to tap a certain number of times within the time limit to move forward.
  • Evolving – evolution mechanics are very popular with tapping games. You might have characters, monsters, buildings, weapons, etc. that need to be evolved and improved. By tapping on them continuously, you can change their looks and increase the stats or their value.
  • Buying upgrades – while some upgrades can be achieved by evolution, in other tap video games, players need to tap the screen to collect money or other currency and then use it for purchasing upgrades.

Developers continue creating new and exciting games all the time, so even the simplest tapping games can be very diverse and engaging. Of course, many gamers still love classic tappers without too much being added to the gameplay. There are many reasons players love this category of games.

Here are a few of them:

  • Simplicity – we live in the era of extremely realistic games with complex gameplay and mechanics. Simplicity will always be popular regardless of the current trends in video game development.
  • Stress relief – tap video games are perfect for reducing your stress. If you are tired or anxious about something, it might be very therapeutic to play tapping games to get yourself distracted with a simple physical activity. These games do not require paying a lot of attention to them, and the results are satisfying when you receive coins or upgrade your stuff.
  • Accessibility – tap games are very simple and have low technical requirements. They can be played right in your browser on any computer or mobile device.

With such accessibility, every gamer can find a perfect tap game in a browser and start playing without any preparations.