"Squid Game" is a term that is familiar even to those people who have never seen a series of the same name. The Korean hit was released on Netflix. Within the first month, it collected more than 100 million views and sparked lively discussions on social networks. Everyone tries to imagine whether they would agree to the rules, where there are only two options: either you will die or you will become obscenely rich.

According to the plot of the series, 456 people fall into difficult life situations, have insane debts, and have no idea how to get out of them. They receive an offer to put their lives on the line to win an attractive prize that will give them a chance to make things right. The players in the TV show have nothing to lose, so they agree to the adventure. Online players also do not lose anything because the game is free, and only the character can die. However, you can always start over and do much better next time.

The essence of the game of squid according to the series is 6 games in 6 days. The rules are quite simple, and each subsequent game resembles children's entertainment. However, there is more than $30 million at stake and the chance to live your dreams. There are different versions of the squid game online, but the rules are not so cruel, and the thrill of playing the game does not diminish from this. This is your chance to be one of the numbered contestants: make it to the end to get it all!

What awaits Squid Game players on each level?

Game projects on the theme of Squid Game are very different. There is not only a classic version that follows the same levels that were offered in the series but also offers its own vision. Don't be surprised to find that not all options follow the classic example. Battles, survival mode, simple projects for mobile devices, and full-screen online video games full of various events and tasks await you.

In some games, you can run alone, in others – play together with friends or other players online. The Squid Game category also includes projects where only the characters resemble the heroes of the series, and the rest of the story is the game's creators' development. Therefore, we will simply remind you of the authentic rules of the squid game, but apart from them, you can see many other interesting offers.

So, in the classic version, the game takes place on six levels:

  • Red and green lights. This is a traffic light: while the light is green, you can move, but as soon as the red signal turns on, you must stop. If the character failed, he is eliminated. In the online game, you start the level from the very beginning.
  • The second level requires maximum patience and calm from the player. While playing Sugar Honeycombs, the player is tasked with cutting out different shapes while trying to keep each line straight and leave the shape intact.
  • In the third stage of the classic version, players are divided into two teams and pull the rope. This competition requires not only physical strength but also tricks. You will need this when you play online.
  • Game with balls. Balls can be used to hit holes, guess how many balls the other player has, etc. This is a level made for relaxation.
  • Do you like to play the classics? Children's entertainment offers to jump on the squares that children draw with chalk on the asphalt. In the online version, you need to cross the glass bridge by jumping over the squares. The problem is that some of them are strong, while others are fragile, and the character immediately dies when they hit them.
  • It was the sixth level that gave the name to the famous TV show and game projects. The character must protect the squid-shaped field and prevent the opponent from touching the circle depicted on this field.

Some games contain all these levels, while others are built based on only one or several of them. So when you play online, you play by your own rules, but it's no less exciting.

Squid game: Intense scenes and exciting sensations

Online games have become a wonderfully interactive adaptation of the plot of the series. They allow you to get thrills without even getting out of your chair. If while watching, you tried to imagine how you would act in a certain situation, you have such an opportunity. To pass some tasks, you will have to practice, but the mechanics of each of the games in this category are as simple as possible, so we are sure that you will manage.

How to play Squid Games online?

Squid games on Game Karma are browser games that are available to you at any moment. You can control the characters with a mouse and keyboard or use an interactive game pad on the screen of your tablet or smartphone. Thousands of players have already appreciated the benefits of online games and return to this page for a new dose of thrills and adrenaline. We wish you to complete these online quests and get exactly the impressions you expected!