Tabletop games have been popular forever thanks to their diversity and the fun they bring. You can see how popular and common they are even today as computer game developers continue digitalizing them to make such games more accessible and unique. For many people, tabletop games associate with social gatherings where they can be played with friends. However, there are great tabletop games meant for playing alone. Such games are perfect for relaxing alone and even relieving stress. To play various solitaire games, you will need cards or special game pieces. Now, everyone has them at home or available at all times, which is why it is so convenient to play tabletop games online.

Browser video games provide incredible diversity, and you should be able to find all kinds of titles. Even if you prefer tabletop games instead of computer titles, you are in luck as numerous solitaire games are available right in the Internet browser. Because of the card patience game available on Windows, many players know solitaire as a card game. However, this is a category of tabletop games that comes in different shapes and with unique rules. Here are some of the most popular solitaire games that you can play online:

  • Card solitaire – this is a type of solitaire game played with cards. They can be played with a classic deck of cards and can have different rules. Some of the most popular solitaire or patience games are Spider, Klondike, Yukon, etc. The player needs to place the card in a specific order to complete the game.
  • Mahjong – as opposed to the classic mahjong game, this type of solitaire is played using the mahjong tiles. The player needs to match the mahjong pieces to remove them from the board. It is only possible to grab the pieces that do not have other tiles covering them. This version of mahjong is usually played on a computer rather than using the actual game set.
  • Peg solitaire – this is another version of the solitaire game that has a special board with pegs. Of course, not many people have the actual game, which is why it can be played easily in a browser.

While many browser games strive to include multiplayer, there is still a high demand for solo games. Digitalized board games are perfect for playing alone. Here are some benefits of this mode:

  • Relaxation – it is very comforting and relaxing to play solo games. You can take your time arranging cards or tiles. There is no rush and arranging or matching tiles can be very therapeutic.
  • Concentration – if you have trouble concentrating on a single task, you can improve by playing solitaire and planning ahead to complete the game.
  • Simplicity – the rules of solitaire games are usually very accessible. It is simple to grasp the main idea right away and start playing. In addition, they are very replayable and engaging.

Thanks to the online collection of solitaire titles, everybody can play them in a browser easily. With an Internet connection, all players can choose any solitaire title they like and play completely for free.