Ragdoll Games is one of the funniest categories you can find on Game Karma. They are here to give you an infinitely cool mood, make you laugh, or at least take you away from everyday worries. Ragdoll projects belong to simulators of physical actions, where the physics and mechanics of the gameplay are of crucial importance. Characters resembling dolls appear in the main roles. The main goal is to interact with the body in one way or another, so you can do anything with it.

What tasks are faced by the player?

Ragdoll games have a diverse implementation, so the quests are unique every time: move objects from one place to another, stack objects for speed, destroy various objects, push, throw, or break objects, etc. The interaction with the character comes with semi-realistic effects: the character may fall funny, break things as if they were real, etc.

Features of Ragdoll physics

Ragdoll physics replaced the static pre-rendered animation. Simulations have two simplest articulations: ball and joint. Based on this, developers offer simple and complex effects. You can see it in the animations that show the deaths of characters. In Ragdoll physics, the angles of deviation of each body from the neighboring one are of crucial importance, thanks to which a realistic effect occurs. The developers created their first simulators with limited power, so when falling, characters had comical and even ridiculous poses, which is why the effect was called a rag doll.

Over time, games with Ragdoll physics became more realistic, and similar animations appeared in other projects:

  • Racing
  • Sports competitions
  • Fights
  • Survival
  • Adventures

There is only a mention of archaic prototypes, and modern online games offer interesting simulations of the work of the body, muscles, and mechanisms. Due to this, Ragdoll games have a wide audience. In this category, there are still elementary games for fun, as well as serious full-screen projects that you can sit for hours, overcoming difficult levels and upgrading characters and their equipment.

Since modern technologies have permitted developers to create different scenarios for the character's interaction with the surrounding world, even the same scene is displayed differently each time. Therefore, when the player did not pass the level the first time and tries again, they get a new experience. That's why Ragdoll simulators are something that never gets boring.

How do ragdoll games promote mental health?

You will be surprised, but there are already studies that prove that the controlled habitation of acute emotional states is good for a person's mental health. Ragdoll games serve to improve a person's emotional state without the help of a specialist.

Why does it happen?

Ragdoll is your puppet, and you can do whatever you want with it within the technical capabilities and idea of the online game. For the most part, marionettes are associated with puppet theater, but everything is much more fun and interesting in the gaming universe. In the theater, the puppet is treated with care and sensitivity, but that is not at all what you need during the play.

Using simple control of objects and gameplay, you can give free rein to both bright and positive emotions and accumulated irritation or anger. The character doll can be your friend whom you help or an enemy you successfully fight against. The main theme is to associate the character with certain phenomena or people to get rid of excess emotions.

During the game, you can afford any action. Therefore, returning to real life, you will no longer feel the tension that you had at first. This is how an ordinary online game brings real benefits.

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