Pirate online games are designed for those who feel like an adventurer in their hearts. Staying in a cozy apartment where you are surrounded by familiar things, it is hard to imagine that somewhere, people are risking their lives, hiding from justice, and chasing treasures. This world is open to us only in literary novels, adventure films, and computer games, where we become brave captains, romantics of water deserts, sea robbers, and treasure hunters.

Popular pirate games

The image of pirates has always attracted people with romance, freedom, and bravado. However, they look so attractive thanks to the efforts of the authors of books that we read with such enthusiasm or watch screened versions. It seems to us that the life of pirates is filled with amazing discoveries, and at any moment, they can go to beautiful shores, where quiet waves run into the beach shore of a mysterious island, on which coconut and banana palms grow wildly, and among them, colorful parrots flutter and monkeys swing on lianas.

In fact, pirates are the real robbers. They are ruthless and unscrupulous. Few people managed to survive after meeting them and tell the truth about their character, disposition, and lifestyle. They are not accustomed to sympathizing because no one has ever sympathized with them either. The image of the pirate Jack Sparrow, which was created by actor Johnny Depp, is completely different from a real robber, in whom there is not even a drop of a handsome person. Instead, pirates rob, destroy, and never experience such human light feelings as love, affection, gratitude, and friendship.

Nevertheless, we have gathered here not to judge them but to play pirates online games, which, unlike the truth of life, have prepared for us many interesting surprises in the form of real adventures and brave battles. Even the familiar game of naval combat made in an animated style will allow you to fight with a whole flotilla of pirate ships that hid from us under the cover of fog. Only a well-aimed shot will be able to detect another ship in flames. Moreover, if you are a real strategist, be sure to find the remaining decks to finally sink the ship.

You cannot do without battles on the high seas one on one. You can choose who is more interesting for you to be – the captain of the sovereign's ship or a merciless pirate. In any case, you will not lose because each ship has powerful cannons that shoot deadly cannonballs. If such a projectile hits the side of the ship, it will cause irreparable damage to it and may sink it. While the crew of the wrecked ship is trying to patch up the hole and has lost their vigilance, take the ship on board as soon as possible to complete the work that has been started by plundering or arresting the crew.

Find pirate treasure

As you know, pirates are big lovers of treasures. Once they hear about a map with a mark where the gold is buried, they will not stop until they get it into their possession. In addition, when they have it in their hands, they do not hesitate to set off. When you see such a map, know that a new trip to distant islands, unknown countries, and an odyssey full of dangerous events awaits you.

However, to reach the end, you have to go through many tests and perform actions expressed in mini-games, such as:

  • Search for objects, identical images, and differences;
  • Pass labyrinths and minefields;
  • Solve puzzles and other tasks.

Only having successfully completed one task, the path to a new point will open for you, which will bring you one more step closer to your cherished goal.