The oceanic theme is definitely one of the most fascinating ones in the current media. However, you will not see an ocean-themed video game very often. Of course, in many games, there might be levels or parts of the map where you can explore the ocean, but this is not the main focus of the game. Luckily, there are still quite a few games focused on ocean exploration or this theme. They are developed in different genres, and everyone will find something to play. This is especially convenient for offering children something to play if they are interested in the ocean life and this aesthetic overall.

There might be very different games in this category as they are connected by the same aesthetic but created in a variety of genres. This way, every player can discover fun games to play based on their preferences.

Here are some of the common video game types with an ocean theme:

  • Fishing – of course, fishing games are focused specifically on catching fish in various bodies of water. There can be specifically ocean-oriented fishing games. From simple fishing mechanics to additional quests and features, there is a variety of titles to enjoy.
  • Action adventure – whether you play as a pirate or a shipwreck survivor, there are many opportunities to enjoy an ocean-themed video game. When it comes to ocean exploration, pirate games are quite popular. You can explore the ocean, collect loot, raid other ships, discover uninhabited islands, and more.
  • Multiplayer – there are numerous simple multiplayer games that many players love. They offer easy and addictive gameplay, and you need to compete with other gamers. For example, you can play as a skull of fish and enlarge it by attacking other players. Your objective here is to become the largest player in the game. Other games might require playing as a fish and catching other fish swimming around. There are numerous fun games in this category.
  • Exploration – many players might be tired of action-packed games, and such relaxing exploration games are perfect. You can play as an explorer on a raft swim across the ocean and visit different islands to collect things and trade with locals.

Why exactly ocean games? This aesthetic is popular among many players for some reasons. This theme is as good as any other because every player has a favorite aesthetic. Often, you can watch a movie or TV series connected to the ocean theme, and there will be a desire to play a similar game. Here are a few reasons to try ocean video games:

  • Relaxing – looking at fish in an aquarium is very relaxing. Visiting an oceanarium is very stress-relieving too. Ocean-themed video games can have a similar calming effect on players.
  • Fun – just like any other title, these video games are played for fun. With the abundance of genres in the category, players can discover new exciting titles to suit their tastes.
  • Competitive – there are multiplayer ocean games where you can compete with your buddies or other gamers online.

If you want to try out different ocean games, you can simply find this category in the online catalog and browse through the games available there. All of them are user-friendly and easy to play.