In the Submarine Games category, you will discover the unprecedented beauty of the underwater kingdom, but you cannot avoid the dangers. Your submarine is sinking deeper and deeper, but the screws must not get tangled in the weeds and try not to get stuck on the reefs. And to guide the apparatus through a narrow crevice in the rocks, one must be almost a sniper. You will be attacked by sharks, stingrays, and enemy submarines, and everyone involved must defend themselves. Many dangers and adventures under the water will delight you.

The depths of the sea hide many wonders. You can at any moment explore the ocean floor by playing submarine games. It is another chance to demonstrate your courage as a combat submarine commander and willingness to engage the enemy in challenging circumstances. The submarine's job is to conduct reconnaissance behind enemy lines, prevent hostile vehicles from entering their area, and repel attacks. One must be cautious and silent when using heavy machinery to avoid attracting the enemy's notice. It is particularly fascinating to enter the ambiance of the submarine and experience life as a member of the crew in realistic simulators.

In the interface, you will see:

  • A radar showing the movement of your submarine and other ships;
  • The periscope serving to review what is happening on the surface;
  • All kinds of sensors showing course, depth, submarine condition, hull or internal damage sensor, and other parameters.

Submarine Games look much simpler but offer interesting themes and opportunities to get acquainted with the missions of submarines. The storylines are not particularly diverse, although they talk about other versions of the gameplay. The majority of their missions center around firing missiles and shooting down hostile vessels. The more hostile items you destroyed, the better job you did at handling the situation. The next, most common option is the passage of labyrinths. The seabed is full of all kinds of stones and corals, and mines are not uncommon. In order not to run into them and not have an accident, you need to control the car, directing it to the exit from the intricate corridors and avoiding obstacles. Fans of logic games will find this option very attractive as it allows you to diversify the plot of a game about labyrinths, connecting it with an arcade game about submarines.

But occasionally, you'll have to protect yourself from enemy fire or a pack of hostile sperm whales. Even sea monsters are rushing to have an odd lunch after seeing you, which is not at all encouraging. Become the legendary captain Nemo and conquer the expanses of deep water while admiring the beauty of the kingdom of Neptune. And when you find that the treasures from your cache have disappeared, put on your scuba gear, take a crossbow, and go hunting for robbers. Becoming a submarine captain requires long and tedious training. But Submarine Games will not require such sacrifices from you and will allow you to lead a team of sailors and go on missions. In just a few minutes, you will become comfortable with complex instruments and become a brave captain yourself.