The legend says that in time immemorial, people possessed incredible magical powers, irretrievably lost today. They peacefully coexisted with magicians and wizards and even sometimes competed in the magical arts. But then, enmity penetrated the Earth, and as a result of a long struggle, the magicians left this planet, finally depriving people of the ability to magic. Since then, people have been trying to return to what was once possible, and the resulting impotence has been compensated by the development of science and technology.

This is just one of the legends that explain the eternal craving of people for magic and the performance of certain ritual actions that give them unearthly strength. It also explains the extraordinary popularity of films, books, and online games about magic. Magician characters such as Harry Potter often become iconic for several generations. This allows developers to create new virtual worlds where heroes have unique magical abilities and are opposed by powerful evil forces.

Wide Variety of Magic Games

There are so many ideas and plots implemented in this subgenre that for any of your preferences, you will find the best games:

  • Perhaps, you want to have superpowers that no one knows about and save the world from villains. Do not rush to reveal all your secrets to others. Magic and mystery love each other very much. And the more you pretend to be the ordinary hero, the more time you will have to create miracles.
  • Or maybe, you want to know how magical abilities are acquired. Then choose games about the school of magicians, and you will learn how unusual skills, which amaze others with their perfection, are honed.
  • Being a magician is great, but when you have a group of equally powerful and sincere friends, adventures become even brighter. Invite your friends to join multiplayer games in which each of the characters has extraordinary skills, and together, they perfectly complement each other.
  • Try to fight magicians like a regular person without any magic abilities. Magicians have the power to influence all the elements of the Earth, but you will also have excellent weapons made specifically to fight evil spirits.

Games about magic teach you to dream and strive to implement your visions in reality. They allow you to go beyond the everyday world and explore its new layers. People who play these games tend to be more optimistic and never get tired of looking for the miraculous. Looking for magic, they bring it to life and become brilliant professionals in any field. Choose any of the games about magic in this section so that your usual world is painted in the most extraordinary colors of otherworldly reality.

We have collected diverse games, united by a love of magic and the use of unearthly power:

  • Strategies. Develop your village, city, or even empire under the close control of magicians and be ready for any, even the most unexpected challenges.
  • Adventures. Go to unexplored lands inhabited by both good wizards and evil sorcerers. During the game, you will make friends and helpers and be able to find incredible treasures.
  • Shooters. Fans of dynamics can compete with magicians in the speed and accuracy of fire. And if your hero reaches a certain level, he will receive certain magical abilities and provide more serious challenges for the opponents!
  • Arcade. Choose simple gameplay to have fun in the company of cute wizards ready to relieve any stress and fatigue as if with a magic wand.

All the best games about magic are collected for easy search on this page. The section is being intensively replenished, which means that breathtaking novelties and new adventures in the world of magicians await you any time!