Fantasy is originally a genre of fantasy literature, the plot of which was based on the use of mythology and fabulous creatures. Today, this genre is found almost everywhere — in cinema, paintings, and online computer games. People have always been drawn to the unknown, fabulous, and otherworldly, and games have helped them satisfy their curiosity and desire to get to know the fantastic world better. Fifteen years have passed, and fantasy is still considered the most dominant genre, and, apparently, is not even going to give way to others.

Fantasy games are games set in fantasy worlds that offer a fairly typical gaming experience in the form of encounters with elves, dwarves, dragons, and other fantasy creatures. Most of these games are role-playing projects or strategies, although there are exceptions. Many fantasy games are real classics and cult projects, which is not surprising — fantasy has always been one of the main topics for video game developers.

The main features of fantasy games are the interestingness and originality of the gameplay, as well as the originality of the world. Fantasy games are projects with chic fantasy worlds and characters:

  • Demons
  • Elves
  • Orcs
  • Dragons
  • People
  • Gnomes
  • Magicians
  • Robbers

Not all of them, of course, are enemies. Most often, confrontation is the struggle of only some races or factions for the possession of super-powerful artifacts or resources. All games in the fantasy category are saturated with the atmosphere of unique, huge, and fantastic worlds. Choose fantasy games to your liking and go on great adventures. Games are made with an open world. This gives a great platform for exploration, and the role-playing element with character development makes the passage more interesting. The authors are trying to interest gamers not only in the luxury of scenery and the variety of possibilities. Immerse yourself in an interesting and captivating storyline. This can be an interesting gaming experience.

The plot of fantasy from game to game basically does not change much: at first, everything goes well, and peace and harmony reign in the fairy-tale universe, but then, some terrible cataclysm occurs, which leads to the disappearance of a valuable resource, artifact, or character, and evil creatures begin to appear everywhere. Magical kingdoms are constantly in need of protection, and only gamers can save their inhabitants from a terrible death. Find valuable resources and use powerful fireballs, various potions, and spells to fight the enemy. A large number of races and factions add variety to the process and allow you to create unique characters. The outcome of the entire game depends on your ingenuity.

This genre is found everywhere, in all areas. Such popularity is most likely due to a large number of opportunities. Combining with other genres, authors create worthy masterpieces with a magnificent visual range. Most often, the aesthetics of the Middle Ages or stories about ancient times are taken as the basis. Such stories are filled with magic and mystery. As the player progresses, amazing and exciting events unfold in front of them, which could not happen in real life.

Fantasy games are, of course, a huge world of magic and adventure. The genre is interesting for its diversity. While the developers and writers are constantly creating new characters, they do not forget about the characters that have become classics. In this category of games, you can see tactical, role-playing games, shooters, historical, and more. Sometimes, games illustrate old stories about gods, kingdoms, witchcraft, and epic battles. The time spent in the open spaces of such games will not be in vain — it will be exciting and interesting.