Cakes can be chocolate, biscuit, waffle, and even carrot. They have so many varieties and names that it is impossible to describe and count them all. They differ in the composition of the dough and filler or cream. Besides cakes, you can enjoy many other sweets. Well, if you are on the online gaming portal, you are obviously not interested in varieties of sweets but in games to cooking cakes online.


Management in cake games is very simple and clear. In most cases, you just need to be guided by the tips or the recipe and use the mouse or the touchpad of your mobile device to move, chop, knead, and mix the ingredients of the future cake.

If you need to add flour or another ingredient from a recipe, and you are playing with hints, move the mouse over the item that the arrow (or another hint) points to you, click on the mouse button, which is on the left, and move the item to the place indicated by the hint.

Beauty and deliciousness

The first thing that cake games will teach you is to understand the cakes:

  • You will find out how biscuit dough differs from shortbread, and puff pastry – from yeast.
  • Then, you have to sort through the types of fillings. You will find out what protein and oil creams, chocolate and berry fudges, bizet, and nougat are.
  • Moreover, it does not matter that during the online game, we are preparing cakes for fun. The sequence of actions, the list of necessary ingredients, and their proportions – everything is indicated exactly as in the real recipe.
  • You can safely repeat it in a real kitchen, the result will be beyond praise.

The final stage of each game dedicated to baking cakes will be the decoration of an already finished product. In addition, if you had to strictly follow the recipe up to this point, you can use your imagination. There is a huge variety of sweet decor: from cream roses to marzipans of all colors and shapes, which allow you to turn an ordinary two or three-tiered cake into a real work of art.

If desired, you can even place edible figurines of the bride and groom on top if the dessert is being prepared for a wedding or a boy and a girl if it is a birthday. Cakes are decorated in any way you choose, and this is not all that makes our online games attractive. You can make cakes for any occasion: Valentine's Day, weddings, Halloween, and many others.

By the way, the top layer of the cream can be painted in different colors, and the palette available for these purposes is quite original. It will allow you to give the cake a shade that, in real life, cannot be achieved by any effort. For example, your dessert can become intense turquoise, delicate lilac, bright orange, or simply striped like a rainbow. In general, you will have so many decorative opportunities to decorate the finished cake that you can safely play for several hours without a break and not create two identical ones during this time.

If you have long wanted to learn how to bake delicious sweets, cake games will help you. You can start playing online for free right now. Choose your favorite picture and name and go ahead – learn new recipes for future chefs absolutely free.