Whack video games are some of the most simplistic yet fun titles you can find online. These are very basic games that require whacking certain enemies by hand or with weapons. The first thing you might think of is a whack-a-mole game. This is a timeless classic found at every fair and arcade. However, not all whack video games are whack-a-mole variations. The key element of such games is in the name of the category. The main criterion for these video games is that players need to whack something.

There is a decent variety of games in this subcategory. All of them are super casual, but they can have different gameplay and objectives.

Here are some gaming types you can find in the whack games category:

  • Whack a mole – this is an undying classic that everyone knows. All you need to do is to whack a mole when it shows up above the ground to earn points. In some variations of the game, the mole itself might be replaced with other characters for fun.
  • Dummy games – these are simple video games that have some kind of a dummy that does not fight back. These dummies can be different, but players need to simply use their mouse or weapons offered to whack this dummy and score the most points or collect coins and other loot that falls from it.
  • Knife game – this game is also very famous and dangerous if done properly. It is necessary to place your palm down and whack the spaces between your fingers with a knife in quick succession. Obviously, the classic game is way too dangerous. Although you can use another object instead of a knife, it is fun to try a safe video game option and whack the digital knife without any consequences.

As you can see, such games do not have much to them, and yet so many gamers love them. One of the key reasons is simple gameplay. Here are some of the benefits of whack games that you can play online:

  • Easy gameplay – anybody can enjoy these games even without gaming skills. It is simple to start the game and begin playing after reading brief rules. Most of these games only require clicking your mouse on the screen.
  • Variety – despite the similar idea behind whack games, all of them are different, and you can find something you truly enjoy. If you want to play a simple whack-a-mole game, you can do that, or you can try other whack games and collect coins to unlock cool weapons as you progress.
  • Reducing stress – whack video games with the dummies are especially great for stress relief. After a long day of work or studying, you can open such a game and whack around without thinking too much. In case someone wronged you and you are angry about it, you can imagine this person instead of the dummy and let off some steam.

In addition to the simplicity of these games, it is also very easy to set them up for playing. All you need to do is to scroll through the catalog and pick a game you like. It runs in a browser, so you can just click on it and start gaming instantly.