Robots are one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Initially, robots were created for time-consuming and hard work. Presently, everything has changed a lot, although robot-hard workers have not disappeared anywhere. Many different kinds of robots are made for fun. For example, animatronics. It is these robots that we see in films in the form of terrible lions or tigers, dancing animals, or monsters. They are used for special effects and realism of what is happening. Such robots are programmed for certain movements, facial expressions, and gestures.

There are many areas in which robots have been successfully used for a very long time. For example, combat robots are used in situations incompatible with human capabilities. Robots-scientists are used during difficult and dangerous excavations or various genetic studies.

Well, of course, we can't forget about toy robots. These can be ordinary toy robots and robots-dinosaurs, transformers, and dog robots. These magnificent toys will make any game alive and interesting. And it especially concerns online games. We are glad to present you our Robot games category. Here, you can find a game to your liking and spend more than one-hour playing games with great graphics and exciting storylines. Be with us, and we promise that you will not be bored here!

Online Robot games may well replace expensive toys. If you wanted to get a brand-new model of one of the Iron Warriors, but your parents don't have the money for it, it's just as good to play with it online. Now, you do not need to imagine an attack because, in the virtual world, your robot will face many enemies. It will protect the city from invasion and replenish its arsenal of weapons with the newest ones. You will not have one robot but as many as you can control.

Mankind has always strived for progress and created mechanisms designed to facilitate people's daily work and life. Speaking of robots, we automatically imagine creatures that resemble humans and are endowed with intelligence. This image was imposed by science fiction writers of literature and cinema and has already taken root in our minds. However, any machine can be attributed to robots, whether it is a car or a machine for making any product. Even your computer is also a robot.

Each mechanism will remain dead if it is not programmed and run. No matter how smart artificial intelligence is, it still needs human help. Some need more of it, others less, but they are all creations of human hands. Perhaps, the moment will come when robots will be able to reproduce on their own and take on a form that is indistinguishable from a human. But let's hope that this is still far away and will remain only on the pages of science fiction novels, in the cinema, and in online Robot games, of course. Otherwise, our biological civilization will have an unenviable future.

In this section, you will be able to communicate with robots of different origins, classes, and purposes. Combat robots are fighting against the inhabitants of the city, and it will not be easy for you to cope with their destruction. However, everything is not so bad because you have your iron allies. Give them coordinates and place them around the perimeter to prevent aggressors from entering your abode.

In online Robot games, you can assemble the robot by yourself if you find the necessary parts. Some robot games for boys put the player in a particularly stressful environment. The world came to an end, and only some cyborgs could survive. There is no one to service them, change worn parts, and renew engine oil. You can only rely on yourself, but it is very difficult when you have no lower limbs. The earth plunged into the apocalypse, and you, acting as a dilapidated robot, must survive in any way.

Additionally, online robot games offer to put together puzzles to see the exciting scenes of robot battles in all their glory. The coloring pages also prepared interesting illustrations, and you just have to apply war paint to revive the robots and let them go on a military campaign. We are sure that you will undoubtedly enjoy the robot games that we have selected for you on this page!