Browser video games are known to be simplistic in their design and straightforward when it comes to gameplay. However, this does not mean that all of them are that simple. Of course, many browser titles are casual or even hyper-casual, because this is what most players want from browser games. But numerous challenging video games require skill, precision, and, most of all, patience. While easy browser games are chill and relaxing, hard titles make you really work for the win.

What defines a hard browser game? These are the video games that are difficult to complete fully or even when it comes to a single level. Of course, each gamer has different experiences and skills, but hard games are not exactly easy even for pro gamers right away. In such games, however simple their design or objective might be, you will need to apply your skill, intellect, and even luck to win. So, why do people love playing hard games? Here are some of the reasons:

  • The sense of accomplishment – we all know how satisfying it is to finish an especially difficult level, beat a hard boss, or complete a challenging game. Of course, simple games are great, and you can complete one level after another without breaking a sweat. But when you are stuck at a difficult level and need to try again and again to do it right, you feel amazing when you eventually complete it.
  • Improving your skills – only by playing games that challenge your skills can you improve them. If you face a difficult platformer level, you play it over and over until you finally master the precision of your moves. Even as levels become progressively more difficult throughout the game, you become much better at it as well.
  • Proving a point – certain games are marketed as incredibly difficult, and many players want to see for themselves what the fuss is about. As soon as the gamers see that the title is actually difficult, they want to complete it to prove a point.

In theory, any game can be made extra hard, even a cooking title. However, some genres are most often used in this context. Here are some of the popular hard game genres:

  • Platformer – there is definitely plenty of room to make the player’s life extremely difficult with a good platformer. Even the most simply designed games in this genre can be painfully challenging yet insanely rewarding as soon as you finally complete the level.
  • Casual – casual video games do not always mean simple. They offer very straightforward and simplistic gameplay, such as clicking your mouse, pressing a single button, or swiping around, but it is still difficult to win.
  • Shooter – some shooters are developed to be extremely difficult from the start. In such games, players face numerous enemies that come in fast, and there is no time to hesitate. In this scenario, you must be extremely precise at shooting in order not to miss anyone.

If you are tired of relaxing video games and have some gaming experience, you can try out hard browser games. Even the most experienced players often have trouble with these games, so this should be fun.